We Are SuperTroopers

Made what is likely to be my best recruiting video ever for the gaming community I have been a member of since 2003. SuperTroopers is a group that plays the Sony Online Entertainment game, Planetside 2 (www.planetside2.com). This video shows off everything that we do in the game as an organized combat team of 60+ players.


No sympathy for stupidity

After looking at some before and after photos of the devastation on the beaches in New Jersey, the only thing I can say is…hey, if you’re so stupid as to live that close to the beach – no sympathy. I look at it like this: we think we own and rule over this planet. However, it is quite the opposite. Change is at the very core of the nature of our world. Beaches eroding, volcanos adding new land, earthquakes from the shifting plates we stand upon. If you are going to live that close to the beach, how can you cry the blues when a force of nature does what it was designed to do? We take this world for granted and that is wrong of us. Call me unsympathetic, but everything I have said is the truth.