Back to walking…

It’s been a while since I walked on a regular schedule. Now that I am self-employed and sitting in front of the computer or in endless client meetings all day, I need to get my arse out of the chair and start moving. So today I went out and grabbed a pair of awesome looking Nike men’s walking shoes and starting tomorrow I am going to be walking. I am going to use the Nike+ app on my iPhone to track my progress. It’s gonna be fun.

Next on my To Do list…put together an awesome iTunes playlist filled with some walking music.



Dell Laptop Ad

“This is the story of Annie, who learned to fly. Not with wings or a jet pack. But with her new Dell laptop and a little ingenuity too. Her fast processor made for a smooth take-off. She could soar clear across the sky with her HD screen and beyond.”

What they aren’t telling you is how Annie’s father sat on the phone for over an hour with Dell technical support trying to get the damned thing to work…and then how a year later he shelled out a ton of money to get Dell to replace the failed hard drive.

By then Annie had grown a brain and got an Apple MacBook.