Okay, so I have been playing this game called Planetside now for a little over nine years. Last night I had the strangest dream. It goes like this…

I was at a shopping center and I suddenly saw an AMS (Advanced Mobile Spawn) drop from the sky and the little bubble pop over it. Then tons of Vanu Sovereignty soldiers start pouring out of it and running towards the Dollar Store. I ran back to our base which was a treehouse, climbed up the tree, grabbed some weapons and jumped down and got into my Reaver, which was a Dodge Charger. I flew the Charger over to the shopping center, bailed out and launched an Orbital Strike (OS) which killed the VS AMS but also completely annihilated the shopping center. That’s all I remember.

I think I am going insane…either that or it was the dill pickles I ate before bedtime. But I should add this is the second gaming related dream I have had in a month or so…


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