Today was a beautiful day here in New York. We hit the road around 11:00 and I drove up to the Mt. Ivy Great American Diner for brunch. I enjoyed an awesome bacon, lettuce and tomato club sandwich and my Mom enjoyed some old fashioned french toast. After that we drove up to West Point and hit the commissary and post-exchange. Grabbed some six packs of soda and some more snacky snacky food.

Then we went to the West Point cemetery to pay our respects to my father. Yesterday would have been my parents 52nd wedding anniversary. We stood in front of my Dad’s grave and I hugged my Mom tightly as she wept. She misses him very very much, as do I. He was a great Dad and I am proud to be his son.

While I was at the cemetery I took some photos of one of the graves next to my Dad’s. I did this for the widow of a classmate who lives too far away to make the journey to the cemetery. She lives in California. She was very appreciative of my efforts.

After the cemetery, we drove south down the awesome two lane winding mountain road that is Route 9W. Up over the mountain and down the other side into my mother’s birthplace of Tomkins Cove and further south into Stony Point (my hometown) and further still into the town of Haverstraw. There we stopped by my mother’s cousin’s home to visit George. This man was married to my grandfather’s niece, Claire, who passed away just a couple of weeks ago of a massive stroke. George and my Mom talked about all of the aspects of losing the one they have loved for so long and how life changes as a result. Meanwhile I hung out with my cousin, Teresa. I really like her, she’s got this rough and tumble mature attitude that is truly awesome. She was cleaning up her car for a drive down to Jersey tonight where her adopted daughter will be performing in a song and dance concert. She travelled all the way to China to adopt her daughter, who has grown by leaps and bounds into a very pretty young lady.

After we left George’s place we drove back to the hotel for a quick refresh and then hopped in the car 90 minutes later to join my Mom’s cousin, Ann, for dinner at the Sonoma Grill. I had Chicken Piccata…it’s like a thin breast of chicken with a very light breading, lemon, olive oil, etc. It’s soooooooo good!!

And that was day three. Our last day is tomorrow.

Here’s some photos from today…

Sheer rock wall


The Distant Hudson


My Father's Final Resting Place

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