We arrived in New York around 3:30pm today and as we pulled off the New York State Thruway, we came upon a horrific sight. The traffic lights were off! We soon came to realize our biggest fear that the power at our hotel was out. We pulled up, sure enough – no power. No power meant no rooms. So we drove to my cousins house for a visit while I thought about how to solve our dilemma. I called hotel after hotel…no power, no power, no rooms left, no power, no answer! Finally I called the last bastion of sanity: the mighty Hotel Thayer on the grounds of the United States Military Academy. The answer…”Oh yes, we have power and we have rooms!”

So for $350 for two rooms for one night, we had a place to rest until we could resolve our dilemma further after a good nights sleep. But before I go further allow me to describe the scenes we witnessed today on the Garden State Parkway and the Palisades Parkway.

Essentially New York looks as if it had been hit by a full fledged hurricane! Trees down everywhere, tree trunks split in half, branches everywhere, leaves and shredded pieces of leaves all over the place and a hefty eight inches of snow all around (they originally had ten inches, but most of that melted). There are hundreds of thousands of people without power. People frantically scrambled to find hotel rooms because they didn’t want to freeze to death in the sub-freezing temperatures. Thus our search for a hotel room was difficult, but I knew the Hotel Thayer would come through for us.

Then around 9:30pm, the hotel we were originally supposed to stay in called my cel phone to tell me their power was restored. So we will be staying there for the rest of our trip…because it’s monetarily insignificant in comparison with the Thayer.

So that was our first day in New York. Fun times! Here’s some photos…


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