Trip to NY – Day One : We ain’t got no place to sleep!

We arrived in New York around 3:30pm today and as we pulled off the New York State Thruway, we came upon a horrific sight. The traffic lights were off! We soon came to realize our biggest fear that the power at our hotel was out. We pulled up, sure enough – no power. No power meant no rooms. So we drove to my cousins house for a visit while I thought about how to solve our dilemma. I called hotel after hotel…no power, no power, no rooms left, no power, no answer! Finally I called the last bastion of sanity: the mighty Hotel Thayer on the grounds of the United States Military Academy. The answer…”Oh yes, we have power and we have rooms!”

So for $350 for two rooms for one night, we had a place to rest until we could resolve our dilemma further after a good nights sleep. But before I go further allow me to describe the scenes we witnessed today on the Garden State Parkway and the Palisades Parkway.

Essentially New York looks as if it had been hit by a full fledged hurricane! Trees down everywhere, tree trunks split in half, branches everywhere, leaves and shredded pieces of leaves all over the place and a hefty eight inches of snow all around (they originally had ten inches, but most of that melted). There are hundreds of thousands of people without power. People frantically scrambled to find hotel rooms because they didn’t want to freeze to death in the sub-freezing temperatures. Thus our search for a hotel room was difficult, but I knew the Hotel Thayer would come through for us.

Then around 9:30pm, the hotel we were originally supposed to stay in called my cel phone to tell me their power was restored. So we will be staying there for the rest of our trip…because it’s monetarily insignificant in comparison with the Thayer.

So that was our first day in New York. Fun times! Here’s some photos…


My homework is done, I have chosen!

I spend a great deal of time doing research on a presidential candidate before I make up my mind if I will support them or not. I am neither a democrat or a republican, although I tend to lean more democrat than anything else. But I do not consider myself a member of either or any political party. The way I approach candidates for the presidency is like you might approach someone you are hiring for a job. I don’t care if they are black, white, yellow, purple, male, female, neutered or from the planet Mars. If they are capable of doing the job and not fucking up the country any worse than it already is, they are probably going to get my support. I never have understood the reasons behind why we have all these different parties. In my opinion it does more to fragment and destroy our country than anything else, simply because nobody agrees with anybody, there is constant arguing, fighting, finger pointing, etc. It’s amazing anything ever gets done! Needless to say I have been keeping my eye on the candidates for president and I have finally made my choice.

Herman Cain!

Why? Well here’s why…

  1. He is a Christian, a baptist. He serves as an associate minister at a church in Atlanta, which he joined at the age of 10. He feels that it is God’s will that he run for president.
  2. He is not a career politician. He has never held any form of political office. This appeals to me because of my belief that anyone who IS a politician is nothing more than a lying, stealing, backstabbing piece of crap! I voted for Ross Perot for the same reasons, I feel the country would be better off being run as a business rather than by some two faced political asshole who is only out to put his name in the history books.
  3. He has a keen intellect. A Bachelors degree in Mathematics, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, worked as a mathematician for the Navy dealing with missile ballistics (ie. a rocket scientist), was a computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola and was vice-president  of corporate data systems for Pillsbury. All of these he achieved before reaching the age of 35.
  4. He was advisor to the Federal Reserve System, he knows how policies regarding the monetary system work. He also worked as Chairman of the Board for the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.
  5. He is a creative intellect. He has written several books and has been a public speaker on many occasions, including a radio show host on WSB in Atlanta.
  6. He started from rock bottom. His father was a chauffeur and his mother a maid. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
When you add up all of these accomplishments he has the most impressive resume of anyone that has run for the presidency in the last half-century! I feel he has the most potential to turn things around for this country and to make things right.
I support Herman Cain for president in 2012.

Say NO to legalizing marijuana! Here’s why…

So there has been a great deal of talk about legalizing marijuana lately and I personally believe this would be a catastrophic disaster if it is legalized. This generation wants nothing more than to feel good all of the time, they want an escape from the problems of daily life. I am not even going to go into the fact that most members of the current generation do not believe in God and chastise the thought of there being a God. Smoking pot is not a solution to anything, it is an illusion which covers up psychological and/or physiological problems. In the end it only does more damage. Let’s look at the health effects from smoking marijuana even for a short time.

  • Impaired judgment and motor coordination
  • Shortened attention span and distractibility
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk for schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals
  • Impaired judgment
  • Problems with memory and learning
  • Lowered motivation
  • Decreased alertness and coordination
  • Addiction
  • Withdrawal symptoms from stopping drug use (in a chronic user): irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, impaired appetite, and aggression.

So in the end, legalizing marijuana would not only place an un-needed strain on an already overloaded health care system, but would result in lobotomizing those who use it. If you don’t know what lobotomize means, then you need to start doing your homework. In closing, legalizing this substance would only result in Americans becoming mindless idiots – and you know we already get owned in the face by latinos who work harder than Americans do, the same can be said of almost every other nation in the world. Americans don’t need another crutch to push us farther down the list of civilized nations. With the way our schools are now, just imagine legalized pot, you think it’s bad now – it would be a disaster of epic proportions to legalize this crap.

Say NO to legalizing marijuana!

My Top Mac Apps

Okay, I have been meaning to do this for a long time and now that I have the time I will do it! LOL! Below are six of my top Mac apps, the apps that I use quite often. Maybe not daily, but definitely several times a week. I think these apps are insanely great, thus the reason for this post. Let’s get started…


Analog is a newcomer to my list of frequently used apps. It is made by RealMac Software, makers of RapidWeaver. Now I used to use an app called Flare, which was ridiculously slow. When Analog came along it provided the same functionality but much faster. Essentially Analog allows you to take a photograph you snapped with your camera or iPhone, etc. and add special effects to make the photo even more interesting. You can also add borders which are a really cool touch!

Analog is on the Mac App Store and sells for $7.99 (for a limited time). You can find out more about the app at:

Classic Color Meter

This app replaces the now useless DigitalColor Meter that comes with Mac OS X. I originally thought that Mac OS X Lion removed the Apple app from utilities and thus I decided to grab this guy. Now, thanks to a friend of mine, I have been corrected and the app still comes with Lion, but has lost some important functionality – especially for those of us coding web sites. The Classic Color Meter maintains the full functionality of the original Apple app, and then some. It’s a must have if you need some way of getting color values in Hex, RGB, CMYK, etc.

Classic Color Meter is available on the Mac App Store for $.99


Okay now THIS is probably one of the most awesome apps of the bunch. Essentially this app keeps your Mac clean and free of cluttering files, caches, etc. You wouldn’t believe how much junk just sits on your hard disk and you don’t even know it. This app will help keep things tidy. Not only that, when you trash an application to remove it, it auto launches to insure that all the associated files and resources with that app are uninstalled properly. That way you don’t have any lingering files…now is that not awesome? So far CleanMyMac has saved over 25 GIGS of space on my hard disk over a several month period of time. Pretty amazing.

CleanMyMac is available through MacPaw software for $30. You can find out more and purchase from their web site:


This app runs on my Mac nearly 24/7. It is an excellent way to keep notes, thoughts, etc. and have them synchronized to all your devices. I use Evernote for class notes, thoughts that come into my head, musical ideas or just for jotting down things to remember. It’s an excellent tool for keeping notes organized and safe.

Evernote is available on the Mac App Store free of charge…yeah you read that right…FREE!  For more info on this awesome app head over to


When I found out this app was coming out, I must have annoyed the living daylights out of the developer. It sounded to me to be the perfect solution for my calendar needs. And when it was finally released, it was more than I could have imagined. Fantastical is an app which sits up in your menu bar. From there you can simply type in plain english what you want to schedule. For example: “Meeting with Rob next Tuesday at 10:30am at Ruby Tuesdays”. The app will understand what you typed and create a calendar event which essentially is exactly what you typed: TUES 10:30 Meeting with Rob, Location: Ruby Tuesdays. It’s amazing. Not only that it includes support for iCal, BusyCal and many other calendar apps.

Fantastical is available on the Mac App Store for $19.99. You can find out more or purchase at the Flexibits web site:


Last, but not least, is the most incredible To Do/Task management app ever! I was using a lot of different To Do type apps before Things and none of them really helped me get organized. Things provides some powerful capabilities for organizing the things you have to do, projects you are working on and all the tasks associated with them. I highly recommend Things for anyone who needs to get organized. While it doesn’t have cloud sync yet, the developer is working on it for the next major release (sometime soon). It does, however, support Wi-Fi sync to your iPhone and/or iPad.

Things is available on the Mac App Store for $49.99…believe me it is well worth the price. You can find out more about Things at CulturedCode’s web site:

Top Ten Composers List – Fall 2011

Well, I haven’t done this in ages. But I felt it was time to publish my top ten favorite composers list.

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Franz Schubert
  3. Max Bruch
  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. Franz Josef Haydn
  6. Antonio Vivaldi
  7. George Frideric Handel
  8. Felix Mendelssohn
  9. Gioacchino Rossini
  10. Guiseppe Verdi

Max Bruch is actually a recent addition. I have really begun to like this guy’s music, it’s amazing and reminds me a lot of Mendelssohn but with a little more oomph!


As the leaves turn and fall, so too shall we fall into death. But it shall not be an ending – but a slumber in anticipation of spring when Christ returns to awaken those who sleep in Him. Then like the flowers of spring time we shall rise up to greet the warmth of new life and embrace our Lord and Savior. Thus it is thanks to the sacrifice our Lord made on the cross, which conquered death. For He was the lamb that was slain so sins could be forgiven and the sting of death could be destroyed. Those who believe this shall never know death. Praise be to God. Amen.

One of the saddest days of my life

I have been a Mac user since June 1984 and my entire subsequent career in Information Technology was because of the Mac. I have been an admirer of Steve Jobs, his visions, his philosophies, during my entire journey with my Macs. I find myself just staring blankly at my screen and a deep sorrow in my heart. He will be deeply missed by this Mac evangelist.

God speed Steve, thank you for changing the world the way you did.