Insane Poem

Small kittens smashing on green leaves falling from purple trees along the seashore in black.
They fall and they fall hitting the ground with a whack.
Red ribbons of paper twirl through the air,
as they are tied tightly among my hair in the sunshine air,
running on the rooftops of clouds.

Horses fly by in blue and yellow,
I surely am one insane fellow.
I sit and I watch as I watch and I sit,
gazing upon the people having a fit.
She is plump and he is a rail,
he is dark and she is pale.

The midnight sun rises among the frozen stars,
driving backward like forward driving cars.
I watch the pelican walk by with a mouse in stride,
their footprints being washed away by the tide.
Blocks and squares and circles and lines,
big purple lollypops stuck to sideways signs.
The moon sits beside me and smells of cheese,
I ask him to leave if you please.

Pots and pans and naps and stops,
firemen sing a song on top of cops.
Light and dark swirls around my face,
dogs and cats along the clouds do race.
The rooftops of clouds give way and down I fall,
down to the sea buttocks and all.

Sound stops and stops sound,
there is water covering abound.
Sightless and black, flopping and swirling,
bubbles circle around, senses twirling.
A blue whale with a top hat in white,
is my forever last sight.

Drifting into darkness,
I see the last light.
Golden and bright,
stairs my feet take flight.
An old man waves, staff gold and blue,
teddy bears and scissors bid adieu.

I exclaim I was upon the cloud rooftops,
fell into the sea with a massive flop.
Old man, smiling proclaims, the ultimate rooftop has been reached,
my lifeless corpse, blue and limp, upon the shore has been beached.
Sight fades into light of white, no longer blue or purple, red or green,
surely I am dead – what else could it mean?
Old man laughing smacks me in the head,
“no silly man you’re not dead” he bellows,
“you are simply an insane fellow.”