For years now I have been a big fan of Griffin Technologies. I have purchased a lot of their products over the years. But that all changed as of last year. I spent $100 on a really cool looking FM transmitter for iPhone/iPod. It was called RoadTrip. As soon as I tried it out, things went wrong. There was so much static you couldn’t hear the music – I would have to turn up the volume of my radio to maximum to hear the slightest sound. But of course, when you increase the volume, the static gets louder too. I was seriously disappointed. So I called Griffin and complained. They told me “Oh there shouldn’t be that much static. We’ll send you a replacement free of charge.” So a few days later, I get the replacement. And guess what…same thing – nothing but static.

So I took the replacement and chucked it in the trash. I wasn’t happy. Apparently Griffin’s popularity had impacted the quality of their products. Now I began my quest for a suitable replacement.

I spent about a month looking through a variety of reviews on a number of alternatives. It soon became apparent that the ALLKIT FM transmitter had the largest fan base and the best reviews. So I was like okay, I guess it’s time to spend another $100 or thereabouts. I went to my usual place for buying such things: When I found the transmitter I nearly fell out of my chair.

It was $11.

Surely that must be a typo. $11????

So I bought it and it arrived this morning. I rushed out to the car, plugged it in, attached my iPod and with great doubt in my mind, tuned in the radio frequency that sounded to be the clearest of transmissions. I chose Beethoven’s Violin Sonata No. 9 on my iPod and hit play.

I nearly fell out of the car!

The sound was loud, relatively clear and absolutely no static to speak of. While there is a slight background hiss, it’s not loud enough to impact the music. I was so happy and so impressed.

So in summary, an $11.52 FM Transmitter absolutely destroyed a $100 FM Transmitter.







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