Our Society is Failing

Just what could I mean by saying our society is failing? Well to explain this I need to take you back in time to the 1950s. In the 1950s, we as a society, were smarter, working harder, living cleaner lives and raising children who could recite the pledge of allegiance, knew their country’s history and were proud to be Americans. We were a wholesome society who cared deeply for our fellow man. The scientific community was producing innovations and technologies unheard of a decade prior. Medical science was moving swiftly, developing new vaccines and medicines. There was no such thing as prescription drug plans, your doctor gave you a prescription and you went down to the town pharmacy and had it filled. You didn’t end up paying a fortune for the medicine either because pharmaceutical companies weren’t the blood thirsty hyenas they are today. Nuclear power came into being, transistors were invented and the race for space began in 1957 with the launch of Sputnik.

When I look back to the 1950s I see a society where children were learning everything from math to english to music to art. They grew up as cultured individuals with intellects that led them into fields such as medicine and science. The United States was number one in education of its youth. A majority of Americans believed in God and worshipped every weekend. Children listened to their parents and above all were taught right from wrong. Even more importantly, kids read books, they expanded their minds. Reading comprehension was off the scale and kids grew up with knowledge as their strength.

But most of all Americans worked hard. They truly put forth all of their God given talents and worked hard at what they did. Whether you were a dentist, a rocket scientist, a plumber or a roofer. You worked hard and earned your pay. You came home to your wife and kids and enjoyed a home cooked meal and then retired to the den to listen to the radio or watch television in its infancy. And how about the shows on the radio or television? They were relatively free of violence, they were clean shows that didn’t promote hatred or malicious topics.

Then there were the movies. There weren’t movies which showed blood and guts, the movies from the 1950s were wholesome, enjoyable and never promoted anything violent. They promoted heroes. What child in the 1950s didn’t have a hero they admired? Even the television shows of the time promoted heroes. Flash Gordon, the Lone Ranger, The Mickey Mouse Club, The Cisco Kid, etc. Who didn’t have a Flash Gordon decoder ring or Mickey Mouse Club mouse ears or Lone Ranger cowboy hat and mask? It’s because the kids of the 1950s grew up knowing that there were no limits to what they could achieve, they had all the ingredients for success, good schools, teachers who taught because they loved to teach and not because they were being paid big bucks. Parents who taught them the core values which would result in them growing up to be contributing citizens of our society.

So what went wrong?

A lot of things went wrong in our society. First and foremost, women started leaving the home to go to work. Did they have a choice? Not really. As the cost of living began to rise in the late 1960s and into the 1970s, the woman of the house had to help pay the bills by working or by choosing to work instead of staying home as a house keeper. The end result was that when the kids got home from school, there weren’t any parents there. Infidelity ran rampant as more and more men (and women) cheated on their spouses. Not to say this didn’t happen in the 1950s, it did, but not on the scale seen in 1970s and beyond. Broken households, religious beliefs faded, core values vanished, children began to be spoiled and without those core values and beliefs to support them, they often had criminal records by the time they were 21.

Today we have teenagers who have sex, a girl gets pregnant, abortions, single parents and the guy who got them pregnant runs off with someone else, rampant crime, poor schools, horrible educational programs, no more art, no more music programs, massive amounts of debt everywhere and credit card companies sucking the cash out of people’s pockets. Kids don’t listen to their parents, they watch television shows and movies which are bloated with violence, anger and hatred. They don’t read books anymore, they spend their time playing video games and doing nothing to improve themselves or their minds. They do drugs and think its okay, not knowing they are only destroying their bodies. They are part of the now crowd, they need instant gratification – having very little patience. They grow up without any religious beliefs, without any heroes, without any core values, without knowing right from wrong and end up become a contributor to the cancer that is destroying society.

The United States is now 18th…EIGHTEENTH in education among the 36 industrialized nations. In the 1950s we were number 1 and remained at number 1 until the 1980s. With every action there is an equal reaction…cause and effect. The moment parents stopped being deeply involved in their children’s growth and development, our country fell. The moment illegal immigrants began working harder than Americans, we fell. When our teenagers began to have sex before marriage, became pregnant in most cases, we fell. When children and families lost touch with God, we fell. When guys started having sex with other guys, women started having sex with other women, and exclaimed it as being purely biological versus a choice, we fell. When we stopped manned exploration of space, we fell. We have fallen as a society and it is thanks to the corruption, hatred and violence that is fed into our brains everyday, whether it be the news or a movie at the theater. We have fallen. Will we ever get back up?

While I cannot claim that the 1950s were perfect in every way, they weren’t, they did have all the necessary facets of living that resulted in a society that was educated, hard working and made America a great place. A society that raised their children with the core values so they would grow up to become contributing and decent members of our society. I can only hope that sometime soon we can recover some of those things we have lost. If we can’t, we are doomed to enter into an age where laws have no meaning and chaos will reign supreme. America will disintegrate into anarchy, despair and bankruptcy.

There are still some good people out there. There are still some good parents out there, who do teach their children right from wrong and they do grow up into good people doing great things. But sadly the ratio of good parents and good kids versus broken homes and kids on the street is shifting dramatically. We have to correct these problems and overcome the temptations of these times we live in. It just takes one voice among millions to start singing a different tune. In time, with hard work and determination, the single voice could become a chorus. Then America will be great again. Regrettably, I doubt I will live to see it.

God bless America.