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Cold Log: Day 5, Part 2: It’s Bronchitis

Well I got back from the doctor’s office around 11:30am and yup he says I have bronchitis. In fact, he said my left lung sounds “badly compromised”, which essentially means if I waited another day or so I’d have pneumonia in that lung. Yay!

So I am now on a powerful antibiotic and was forced to take the day off from work. I even got a written note from my doctor enforcing that, because I am “extremely contagious” at this stage. So, I went to the pharmacy and got my pills, grabbed some smoked Salmon sushi, came home, ate my sushi, took my medicine and went to bed.

Now I am up for a short time and decided to update my blog. Blah! Back to bed…I feel so tired.


Cold Log: Day 5, Need Backup

Well I was up half the damned night coughing my ass off. Finally went to sleep around 5am, only to wake up at 9 so I could call my doctor’s office and make an appointment to see him. I feel that my chest is congested and now I am starting to cough up nasty things, which means there is very likely an infection situation getting started in my lungs or bronchial tubes – so it’s time to call in for some backup, maybe some heavy artillery like an antibiotic.

Still don’t have a fever, just feel really tired. My temperature was actually 96.9 this morning, so on the colder side of normal, which makes me think there is something going on. I don’t ever remember seeing my temperature that low. My sinuses are slowly clearing – which is a good thing.

Hopefully tomorrow I can round third and be on the home stretch.

Cold Log: Day 4, Bronchial Assault

Well, here we are on Day 4 of this damned cold. I woke up this morning with a rattling sound in my chest, I started coughing and couldn’t stop. Then when I tried to say something…well, I couldn’t. My voice was gone. I went downstairs and grabbed a cup of hot tea and took another round of Mucinex. This shit is now in my chest and my nose is still stuffed up pretty bad. The worst thing is, sometimes when I breathe I am wheezing. This is not good. As soon as I got some semblance of my voice back, I called into work and told them I wouldn’t be there. Jackie, our warehouse manager, said “You sound like shit.” Well……….yeah! I felt like shit too. As the day has progressed, the chest issues have lessened a bit – I still am wheezing every once in a while. I have coughed up a little bit of stuff, but nothing excessive. My nose is slowly trying to clear up. I am taking Mucinex regularly (every 12 hours) and I drank a ton of Powerade today…and will continue doing that tonight. I am probably going to hit up my doctor in the morning (if I can get an appointment) and call out of work again. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be working when you are this sick! Still don’t have a fever, my temperature has been between 97.8 and 98.9 all day. I am not constantly coughing, rather coughing in spurts and when those spurts come I cough for  several seconds – 4-8 coughs per spurt. I tried taking a nap today, but when I laid down I started to have chest rattling again – so I have been staying awake and avoiding laying down. Crossing my fingers no bacteria decide to move in and set up camp – the little bastards. For all I know they are already there – well, the doc will advise me and give me what I need to defeat those sons-a-bitches.

Cold Log: Day 3, Cough!

Well here we are, day 3 of this damned cold. I was given the day off today, thank goodness because today I began feeling stuff in my chest as the cold began its expansion from my nose and throat into my bronchial tubes…this is the typical progression for me. Stopped taking Robitussin and have started Mucinex, which has always done a great job in the past of keeping the crap out of my lungs. My appetite is pretty good, but I have been trying to eat good stuff rather than junk. Well, that is until I grabbed a bag of Utz Crab Chips – omg…it’s been years since I had some, so I couldn’t resist. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be one of those days that I have to keep tabs on my temperature and stuff. I haven’t had a fever during this whole thing – the next few days will be the critical days when a bacterial infection could take hold.

Cold Log: Day 2, the Cold ensues

Well I woke up this morning feeling like absolute crap. Nose is quite stuffed up, the sore throat is still present although lessened a bit. I am sneezing and blowing my nose on regular intervals. Took another Airborne drink this morning and have been taking Robitussin every four hours or so. Talked to my boss and I have to work tonight, but he gave me Saturday off…what a pal!

Cold Log: Day 1, the Sore Throat

Okay, well I was feeling great until about 5pm, then my throat started getting scratchy and steadily grew more and more sore. Then around 10pm my sinuses unloaded and continued to run and run. I knew then I had a cold. I took an Airborne around 6:30pm and another around 11:00pm. Took two teaspoons Robitussen Cold and Cough…which tastes HORRIBLE! We’ll see how I am tomorrow.