hatebreed 2009Well, the iTunes Music Store released the pre-orders a little early and I got my hands on Hatebreed’s new album. I sat down, cranked up the speakers, and listened to it from start to finish. First impression is…absolutely incredible. The songs are not the typical Hatebreed sound, but more of a meshing of a new style of hardcore with their standard Connecticut hardcore at the chewy center. I rated this album four out of five stars. Why not five stars all around? To be honest there are a couple songs on the album which, well, are not really that great. First is this slow tempo ballad song called Undiminished. It’s not something I thought I’d ever hear on a Hatebreed album. I listened to it, but I really didn’t get much out of it. The second song is a remix of the Metallica song they did on the cover album back in the spring. It sucked then and well, it sucks still. I have no idea why they’d waste space by putting it on the album. Everything else, including the re-recorded versions of Filth and Kill and Addict (Deluxe version only) from their 1996 demo album “Under the Knife, is awesome. Great job Hatebreed, this is truly an awesome album, well worth the wait.


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