Nutrisystem Day 5

Woke up to day 5 of my Nutrisystem diet today. Had pancakes and strawberries for breakfast with sugar free maple syrup. It was yummy. Later I had a steak and cheese hot pocket, Nutrisystem’s of course. And I ended the day with a hamburger, with lettuce, tomato, a serving of ketchup and mustard, on a whole wheat bun. It was yummy!

All total I have lost about 6 pounds so far.


Nutrisystem Days 2-4

Well I am going into day 4 of my Nutrisystem diet. I have lost about 5 lbs, and I know 5 lbs is nothing to get overly excited about. I know that some of it will be water weight. Days 2 and 3 were good, had some great meals. However yesterday, day 3, I did go for a little longer than I was supposed to between meals. I had to take my Dad up to NIH for some tests again and I packed everything up to my afternoon snack. Well, we ended up being there longer than expected and I ended up eating dinner two hours late (approximately 5 hours after my afternoon snack) – and that wasn’t good.

On this diet they tell you not to go longer than 4 hours maximum between meals/snacks.

So as it stands now, so far…so good. I am really enjoying the diet and cannot express how impressed I am at how good the food tastes.

More later.

Nutrisystem Day 1

Well today I began my new diet through Nutrisystem. My food arrived yesterday afternoon (all 40 lbs of it) and I began working out my meal plan for the week. Today I enjoyed scrambled eggs with veggie sausage crumble, a bowl of Oatmeal with Splenda and some fresh blackberries, a glass of fat free milk and half an orange. It was delicious and afterward I felt full for over 2 hours until it was time for my morning snack which was a reduced fat mozzarella stick and the other half of that orange.

For lunch I had split pea soup and a spinach salad with grape tomatoes with reduced fat french dressing. And later today I will enjoy my afternoon snack, a nice piece of golden pound cake. For dinner I will be having Macaroni and Cheese with Beef, a salad with grape tomatoes and reduced fat french dressing, some green seedless grapes, a cheese stick and a slice of whole wheat bread. Man you can’t beat that!

Lastly, later tonight, I will enjoy my evening snack which will be White Cheddar Soy Chips. Yum!

So for my first day on Nutrisystem, I am feeling really good. Especially since I don’t have to cook much at all!

Awesome landing

This is a video I made from within X-Plane, a flight simulator, of me landing an aircraft which has had a total failure of both engines. In fact, I told the simulator to have both engines fall off the aircraft. I am pretty proud of myself on this one, I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off.