This blog entry is brought to you by the internet…where you can get any kind of information or resource and you don’t need to pay for some stupid magazine to tell you the same thing.

This blog entry is a message to my former employer, U.S. News & World Report magazine. For about 3 1/2 years now U.S News has been laying off some good people. And it seems after every layoff, the management gets a nice fat bonus or promotion. Well my turn came in October 2007 and to be honest it was a relief to finally be out of there. I was tired of the political nonsense which seemed to resonate within the bowels of the U.S. News organization. When I was laid off I told a friend and co-worker that the magazine had about 2 years of life left in it. That was one year and five months ago. I find it amazing that in the past eight months or so, U.S. News has cut an enormous number of jobs, reduced their publication from a weekly news mag to a monthly info mag. They keep slashing the hard working people out of there and keep sizing down, yet the management still has their jobs – makes a lot of sense. Now it seems things have reached a serious point of breaking. Three of my good friends who worked there were cut loose this week and now I am left wondering how the magazine will continue without them. Afterall, two of them were the graphics powerhouses of the magazine. What now U.S. News? Clip-art? Cheap internet stock images? All I can say is…wow.

I have a suggestion for U.S. News…just let it die. Let it go! Why keep trying to produce a mediocre magazine in an economic climate which is hostile to frivolous spending? I suspect things cannot possibly improve for U.S. News. Afterall, Daddy Warbucks (aka Mortimer Zuckerman) doesn’t really seem to give a hoot about it. I am sure he knows as much as everyone else that U.S. News is a sinking ship and is taking on more water than can be pumped out. Soon she will roll over and pass beneath the waves into eternity.

Now don’t get me wrong, don’t read into this the wrong way. I have no grudge against U.S. News. In fact, I happen to love U.S. News. I fell in love with it while employed there and have continued to read the magazine and the occasional “America’s best…” series. But even one who loves something must be mindful of the facts. And the fact is, U.S. News is on the verge of flat-lining. I’ll be sad to see it go. I think the U.S. News organization needs to just call it a day. If going 100% internet is the way to go then by all means do it. Otherwise, say your farewells to it and move on!

That’s my two cents. All the best!


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