Some people say I use my blog as a place to whine, bitch and moan about stupid shit. Well now I am going to add to that by posting my top ten annoyances. If you are offended by any of these, I will let you know when I give a shit.

10. People who whine about shit they have full control over yet they don’t go to the effort to improve their situation.

9. News channels who are supposed to be broadcasting news but instead spend countless hours of air time slamming our president and how he is incapable of doing anything he promised to do.

8. Riding behind a vehicle where the driver’s head is not clearly visible.

7. Anyone who drives a mini-van. Especially career Moms who have little ones inside who are driving really fucking slowly out of some ridiculous need to keep them safe by not driving at a fucking civilized speed.

6. People who think psychics hold the answers to everything having to do with their life.

5. People who are so utterly oblivious as to walk through a puddle of spilt coffee despite there being signs indicating a wet and slippery floor.

4. Anyone who thinks they can change me. You can’t take me from me babe.

3. When I go to Taco Bell and order 6 tacos, get home and find they put 3 packets of sauce in the bag.

2. Any time of the year which is not below freezing.

1. Anyone who is incapable of speaking English. Yeah I said it…


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