And so begins a new path of hope and change!

At approximately 11:12 PM eastern time, it was announced that Barack Obama has achieved enough electoral votes to be elected president of the United States. I sit now waiting for him to appear in Chicago, live over the internet. With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart, I am filled with joy and hope that my choice for President will be the one to bring change to a troubled country.

There is no white. There is no black. There is no in-between. Only people loving one another and coming together to give this incredible man a chance to make the United States a great country with respect and decency for all. I know that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is looking down from Heaven with a smile on his face. For people of all races came together in unity to bring us our first African-American President. This is history in the making…and can only happen in America. We should feel proud of the honor and right we upheld today at the polling stations all across this country. We showed what it truly meant to be Americans.

Now it is my sincerest hope and prayer that all of us come together, put aside our partisan thinking and unify as one country, under God, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!