Tonight two scumbags are in custody because they were threatening to kill 40 African-Americans and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama. Why? Why such hate in these modern times? You are no better than a black man and a black man is no better than me. The same goes for Asians, Hispanics and everyone else in-between. In the eyes of God we are all equal, it is not this exterior body which makes the difference, it is the spirit within. Now I know there are minorities out there who do not contribute to our society, who perform criminal acts, acts of violence. All this hatred and turmoil needs to end. We need to mature as a society. We need to take one another by the hand, love your African-American brother or sister, love your Hispanic brother or sister, love your Asian brother or sister. The spirit within is all that matters.

If Barack Obama becomes President of our country, it is a monumental step in the right direction. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. A dream where all men embraced one another in love and unity. There is no race in Dr. King’s dream, there is no color of the skin, only the purity of the soul. That is how it should be.

I find it immature and disgusting when people let hatred destroy good things. Hatred has no place in a mature society. There is no reason that an African-American cannot be President. There is no reason why someone of Latin American descent cannot be President. It is called equality. This country was founded with the principle that ALL MEN (PEOPLE) are created equal. Not all white people, ALL PEOPLE!

If you have hatred in your heart for someone, ask yourself…is this worth throwing my life away over? Would killing 40 African-Americans truly change anything? No. It would do nothing except make the news for a couple weeks and then would fade into history and be FORGOTTEN! Hatred does not survive. Only love survives. Hatred is forgotten. Love is eternal. Color is immaterial.


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