Politics turns friends into enemies. It is a proven fact. I myself have experienced it. But I feel it is important to outline my reasons for voting for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Let me start by expressing my empathic feelings about John McCain.

I used to consider John McCain a decent, respectable, man. Hell, I even have “Faith of my Fathers” sitting on my bookshelf. I read it the moment I purchased it. I have sent McCain support in the past…but that was before facts came to light. That was before I realized that he was not the decent, respectable, man I had thought he was. Believe it or not, I listen to his speeches regardless of whether or not I agree with him. It is from these speeches that I was able to pick up certain things which were wrong or seemed forced and not something which came freely from his heart. I soon saw a stiff old man, who was nothing more than a prime example of the kind of politics which have caused several problems over the past eight years. Looking deeper I found that this man wanting to be president was in agreement with Bush 90% of the time. I found this out long before Obama began running ads to the fact. There are several key points that really drove things home for me. Here’s a few…

1. John McCain defines rich as making $5 million or more. By McCain’s logic, you’re middle class if you’re making $3 million per year. Do you think that’s middle class?

2. John McCain thinks “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” For who? With the mortgage crisis taking people’s houses and gas prices rising, just who is McCain talking about?

3. John McCain is more of the same. McCain is offering more of the same economic policies we’ve gotten from President Bush for the last eight years. McCain thinks multimillionaires are members of the middle class, homeowners are to blame for the housing crisis, and Big Oil needs more tax breaks but middle class families don’t.

McCain simply exists to fill his own pockets, to care for his people — the rich — and has no empathy for the suffering families of this country. He says he cares, yet do you really see that? When you look at his face, in his eyes, do you see someone who wants to reach out and aid those most in need of a helping hand? I don’t. I see an old school politician, who will make the White House his comfy house and do nothing but send us deeper into economic misery, will continue the already prolonged war in Iraq and who will fortify corporations with tax cuts when they simply don’t deserve it. We will continue to rely on foreign oil. No new innovations in clean alternative forms of energy will be supported. And last, but not least, we will have a bimbo vice president who clearly thinks she is above the laws of this country. She abused her powers as governor of Alaska, and she has already clearly shown she thinks she can get away with anything. She has no agenda of her own, she merely mirrors John McCain in every word, every thought, every quote.

Barack Obama is the clear choice for America. For American families. Barack will put the middle class first. He’ll pass a middle class tax cut that gives 95% of working Americans a tax cut of up to $1,000—and he’ll give families an emergency energy rebate to help folks cope with rising gas prices. He’ll offer students a $4,000 tax break to pay for tuition in exchange for doing 100 hours of community service. And he’ll raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation.

When I go to vote on November 4th, I will be voting for Obama/Biden. This country has been on the road to self-destruction for 8 years, help Obama grab the wheel and steer us toward a new direction. The one which leads to hope and prosperity for all Americans.


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