Next March I will be celebrating my fourth year of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s incredibly successful and popular online MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) – there are currently over 12 million players worldwide. I decided about a month ago to leave the server I had been playing on and rejoin my best friends Keith and Ian on the server known as Tichondrius, where I used to play about 2 years ago. Man, those guys are like brothers to me we have known each other so long and played so many online games together.

Last week Blizzard released a new patch to World of Warcraft which made the game even better. In all the years I have been playing, at no time can I recall ever having such a great time. Not only doing quests and daily quests, but also PvP (player vs. player). I used to hate PvP with a passion. It would frustrate me, I’d get mad and just give up. I got pissed off knowing the other player had won…and I would be a real jerk when I won. Now though, for some reason, I have calmed down and seem to enjoy it more. I laugh when I lose, because it’s game and it’s funny.

Last night Keith, Ian and I got together in the arenas, an environment where you compete with other teams. These teams can be players on your own server or players from a different server, it’s a random thing. Well we hadn’t played in arenas for almost 5 days because of some issues which arose after the patch. Those were addressed and we went in last night hoping to pull off a few wins. We ended up winning 11 games, losing 7. I took one of the major victories of the evening and made a movie. It’s been a while since I made a WoW movie…so it was fun. So here’s that movie…enjoy!

Calevan is my character, a blood elf frost mage. Keith plays Rigid, a warrior; and Ian plays Rekomoo, a shaman.


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