Oh look what we have here. A real mess in the financial markets. Yesterday the house got together to try and save the nation’s economy and yesterday the house failed our country yet again. Oh wait, let’s not go that far. How about we whittle it down a bit further. A large majority of democrats voted yes for the bill, while a huge majority of republicans voted no. Now why is that? Well, apparently Nancy Pelosi gave some crazy partisan speech before the house just before the voting was to begin. And it apparently upset the poor little republicans who decided to use that as an excuse not to save the country’s financial situation.

Absolute fucking poppy-cock bullshit! Sure what Nancy Pelosi said was wrong, but if you truly…and I mean FUCKING TRULY love this country and are in that position you are in at the House of Representatives, you damned well better be able to set aside your pride and come to the aid of your country. The republicans placed partisan bullshit before the best interests of America. Hey…grow the fuck up!

Thanks to the republicans we are in this mess. Yes, I said it…thanks to the REPUBLICANS! The President, a republican, knew that the financial situation of this country was grim LAST YEAR! For a year they sat on their asses and did nothing to avert a catastrophe. For a year this fire has been simmering and waiting like a back draft. Yesterday the vote fell through, the doors were flung open and the back draft exploded. Wall Street plummeted and the fears of the American people became clearer than ever. All across America stock holders watched as their money bled away. All across America people sit, their stomachs in knots, wondering what tomorrow will bring. All across America, the Main St. Americans are anxious about whether or not they will have money to pay their bills, many of them won’t, many of them already don’t.

So all I have to say to the members of the republican party in the house…grow up assholes. How dare you let your petty little emotional bullshit jeopardize the security of this nation. How dare you drop the ball on all of us out here who are counting on you to do your fucking job and do what is necessary for the country. Is this the kind of crap we want in the White House for another four years?!?!?!?!!?!? Hell no! A vote for McCain is a vote for the same bullshit we have endured for the past eight years…and more of the same of what happened yesterday.

Think I am uninformed? Think again. Pull the blindfold off and see the truth for what it is. I speak facts here. They are painful and those facts tell me the republican party is a disgrace to the American people, to the United States of America.

The fire is still burning. Are you going to put it out or put your pride before the needs of the people?


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NY Times
Political Inquirer


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