After watching the debate the other night, I have come to one conclusion…

McCain is the same old story we have been dealing with since 2000. He doesn’t have a clue about standing up for families that need help right now. We don’t need another out of touch president in this country. The sign of the times is showing exactly what happens when you have a president who is asleep at the wheel. Our economy is in shambles and is only going to get worse. We have two wars being fought abroad which have been going on and on with no end in sight and because of that poor decision on the administration’s part we have lost our most precious blood. These are not wars which will be remembered with the same reverence as Vietnam, Korea or World Wars I and II. They are a disgraceful abuse of presidential powers. We went in without any idea of what we were going to be up against. McCain sided with Bush on the existence of weapons of mass destruction, he was wrong. McCain is nothing more than an old Vietnam veteran with delusions of how to run a country, most of which have been handed down to him by good ol’ George W.

Putting McCain in the White House would be the most horrific mistake this country could make. The Republicans have fucked over our country, our economy, they have turned their backs time and time again on alternative forms of energy. They have wanted to destroy places of natural beauty, refuges for wildlife, with oil drilling. They have taken us into two wars which have had little progress and have caused the loss of over 5000 of young Americans. Do their deaths mean so little? The fact they will not be able to enjoy the fruits of life because they died in a senseless war angers me to my core. Men under the age of 30, their lives snuffed out. The war they are fighting will not be remembered with honor or dignity. George Bush slaughtered them, McCain is eager to join in.

And what of the people who have barely enough to survive in this country? What of the lower and middle class families who are struggling day after day to make ends meet? Not once during the debate did McCain say anything about the middle class. He said nothing about Main Street America. He said nothing of the small children whose families cannot afford health care and cannot receive the quality care they need to grow up into healthy and happy adults. He said nothing about taxing the rich and cutting taxes for the middle class. Why would he? He is one of those who would be taxed. He owns seven houses. While he dines in lavish surroundings, children are starving in America’s streets. While he enjoys the fruits of wealth, mothers and fathers are working 14-16 hour days to support their family, their children. Families are losing their homes, all that they have because of the economy. And while a family walks away from their home, lost to foreclosure, McCain sits at home ignorant of all that is going on, and it is ignorance that has been the key word for the last eight years of this administration. How much longer must this country endure such ignorance?

I urge those of you reading this, who are McCain supporters, to reconsider your position. Look at the facts. Use the brain in your head and use the internet, look it up. Read about it. See the truth.

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for change, for hope, for renewal, for a new future for American families.


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