I just read an article which discusses a letter sent by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In this letter they ask that B&J’s replace cows milk with human milk. Apparently some jackass in Switzerland is now using milk purchased from nursing mothers in his restaurant’s food. Well just because some ass-wipe lunatic from Europe is doing it doesn’t make it right. In a poll asking people if they would eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream if it was made from human milk, the response was overwhelmingly NO (89% of those polled in fact). Ben and Jerry, the founders of the most awesome ice cream in the world, essentially told PETA they are retarded and declined the suggestion.

All I gotta say is, the people at PETA are complete morons who need to find something else to do with their apparent over abundance of time. Give me a fucking break. Just the fact they created an organization for the ethical treatment of animals is enough to say to me…hey look at the lunatics!

PETA operatives have poisoned show dogs, stating they are saving the animals from a life of torture. They have repeatedly stated that animals we keep as pets could never survive without human intervention. Yeah, tell that one to my neighbor whose cat seems to live quite well on its own outside. I can send you the mouse carcass she brought home one night.

Well, I have only one thing to say to PETA and its supporters…follow these instructions:

1. Get in your car/truck.
2. Drive out onto the highway.
3. Get out of your car/truck.
4. Jump in front of a fucking 18 wheeler.

Yeah, that’s called doing the world a favor. Thanks, bye.

You can read the article and letter from PETA here.


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