Yesterdays loss to the Miami Dolphins was a low blow to anyone who is a New England Patriots fan. To be defeated by the crappiest, piece of shit, team in the NFL who won only a single game last season and no games (until now) this season is disgusting. I thought Matt Cassel had the potential to step up to the plate and perform in Brady’s absence. I thought the team still had the spirit that made the Patriots great over the past 8 seasons. But I guess I was mistaken. The Patriot’s performance, on their own home field, yesterday was absolutely a disgrace to the team, to the fans and the owner of the franchise.

The Patriots have a bye this week. I would hope and pray that Belechek gets off his ass and slams these players to the ground and tells them they better fucking straighten up or get the fuck out. Just because Brady is out is no excuse to play football like a bunch of 12 year old mentally retarded little league football players.

I love the Patriots and that is the only reason I would say these things…out of love for a team who has done so much, who has earned the respect of many and hatred of many. Those who respect the Patriots are hurt to see them suffer so horrible a loss. Those who hate the Patriots can kiss my mother fucking ass.

Here’s hoping when the Patriots return from their bye and play the San Francisco 49ers, they will have their heads out of their asses, will have stopped feeling sorry for themselves because of losing Brady and will reignite the Patriot spirit, that flame which has burned so brightly. That flame is NOT Tom Brady, that flame is the love from the fans, the discipline and determination to be winners and the drive to persevere no matter what stands in your way!

GO PATS!!!!!


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