The New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets and Matt Cassel is starting as quarterback for the Pats. After the loss of Tom Brady last week from a broken ACL, I was really wondering what the season would be like without him. Last year when Cassel played, the end result was bad things happening. So I was kind of nervous…okay not kind of…very nervous when I realized he would be the Pats quarterback for the rest of the season. The media (idiotic sportscasters) went crazy with it and said “OMG the Patriots will never see a Superbowl this year” and “The Patriots are doomed” and “Cassel hasn’t started as quarterback since he was in high school.”

Well after watching him today all I can say is, I am impressed. He does have some rough edges, needs to work on a few things, but overall he has been doing very well. It is clear to me that he has spent a lot of time working hard to better himself and his skills. Only time will tell where he will lead the Patriots. I will cheer him on just as I have cheered on the Patriots through thick and thin since 1996.

And to the sportscaster retards all I can say is…if you think you know the Patriots…you are so wrong! The Patriot way is all about adapting and doing whatever it takes to go against the odds. The Pats have lost Brady, but what they haven’t lost is the Patriot spirit!


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