Obama 1, McCain 0

After watching the debate the other night, I have come to one conclusion… McCain is the same old story we have been dealing with since 2000. He doesn’t have a clue about standing up for families that need help right now. We don’t need another out of touch president in this country. The sign of … More Obama 1, McCain 0


I just read an article which discusses a letter sent by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In this letter they ask that B&J’s replace cows milk with human milk. Apparently some jackass in Switzerland is now using milk purchased from nursing mothers in … More PETA…WTF?!?!?

Lamenting Tom Brady

I have been a Patriots fan since 1996. Before that I was a Cowboys fan, yeah don’t say anything. I have followed my Patriots to three Superbowls (the fourth never happened). Now as the 2008 season opens we are looking at a season without Tom Brady. I was somewhat shocked, but not surprised. Many say … More Lamenting Tom Brady