Democrats 1, Republicans 0

Oh look what we have here. A real mess in the financial markets. Yesterday the house got together to try and save the nation’s economy and yesterday the house failed our country yet again. Oh wait, let’s not go that far. How about we whittle it down a bit further. A large majority of democrats voted yes for the bill, while a huge majority of republicans voted no. Now why is that? Well, apparently Nancy Pelosi gave some crazy partisan speech before the house just before the voting was to begin. And it apparently upset the poor little republicans who decided to use that as an excuse not to save the country’s financial situation.

Absolute fucking poppy-cock bullshit! Sure what Nancy Pelosi said was wrong, but if you truly…and I mean FUCKING TRULY love this country and are in that position you are in at the House of Representatives, you damned well better be able to set aside your pride and come to the aid of your country. The republicans placed partisan bullshit before the best interests of America. Hey…grow the fuck up!

Thanks to the republicans we are in this mess. Yes, I said it…thanks to the REPUBLICANS! The President, a republican, knew that the financial situation of this country was grim LAST YEAR! For a year they sat on their asses and did nothing to avert a catastrophe. For a year this fire has been simmering and waiting like a back draft. Yesterday the vote fell through, the doors were flung open and the back draft exploded. Wall Street plummeted and the fears of the American people became clearer than ever. All across America stock holders watched as their money bled away. All across America people sit, their stomachs in knots, wondering what tomorrow will bring. All across America, the Main St. Americans are anxious about whether or not they will have money to pay their bills, many of them won’t, many of them already don’t.

So all I have to say to the members of the republican party in the house…grow up assholes. How dare you let your petty little emotional bullshit jeopardize the security of this nation. How dare you drop the ball on all of us out here who are counting on you to do your fucking job and do what is necessary for the country. Is this the kind of crap we want in the White House for another four years?!?!?!?!!?!? Hell no! A vote for McCain is a vote for the same bullshit we have endured for the past eight years…and more of the same of what happened yesterday.

Think I am uninformed? Think again. Pull the blindfold off and see the truth for what it is. I speak facts here. They are painful and those facts tell me the republican party is a disgrace to the American people, to the United States of America.

The fire is still burning. Are you going to put it out or put your pride before the needs of the people?


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Obama 1, McCain 0

After watching the debate the other night, I have come to one conclusion…

McCain is the same old story we have been dealing with since 2000. He doesn’t have a clue about standing up for families that need help right now. We don’t need another out of touch president in this country. The sign of the times is showing exactly what happens when you have a president who is asleep at the wheel. Our economy is in shambles and is only going to get worse. We have two wars being fought abroad which have been going on and on with no end in sight and because of that poor decision on the administration’s part we have lost our most precious blood. These are not wars which will be remembered with the same reverence as Vietnam, Korea or World Wars I and II. They are a disgraceful abuse of presidential powers. We went in without any idea of what we were going to be up against. McCain sided with Bush on the existence of weapons of mass destruction, he was wrong. McCain is nothing more than an old Vietnam veteran with delusions of how to run a country, most of which have been handed down to him by good ol’ George W.

Putting McCain in the White House would be the most horrific mistake this country could make. The Republicans have fucked over our country, our economy, they have turned their backs time and time again on alternative forms of energy. They have wanted to destroy places of natural beauty, refuges for wildlife, with oil drilling. They have taken us into two wars which have had little progress and have caused the loss of over 5000 of young Americans. Do their deaths mean so little? The fact they will not be able to enjoy the fruits of life because they died in a senseless war angers me to my core. Men under the age of 30, their lives snuffed out. The war they are fighting will not be remembered with honor or dignity. George Bush slaughtered them, McCain is eager to join in.

And what of the people who have barely enough to survive in this country? What of the lower and middle class families who are struggling day after day to make ends meet? Not once during the debate did McCain say anything about the middle class. He said nothing about Main Street America. He said nothing of the small children whose families cannot afford health care and cannot receive the quality care they need to grow up into healthy and happy adults. He said nothing about taxing the rich and cutting taxes for the middle class. Why would he? He is one of those who would be taxed. He owns seven houses. While he dines in lavish surroundings, children are starving in America’s streets. While he enjoys the fruits of wealth, mothers and fathers are working 14-16 hour days to support their family, their children. Families are losing their homes, all that they have because of the economy. And while a family walks away from their home, lost to foreclosure, McCain sits at home ignorant of all that is going on, and it is ignorance that has been the key word for the last eight years of this administration. How much longer must this country endure such ignorance?

I urge those of you reading this, who are McCain supporters, to reconsider your position. Look at the facts. Use the brain in your head and use the internet, look it up. Read about it. See the truth.

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for change, for hope, for renewal, for a new future for American families.

Time to change the song Apple!

Ya know I am so utterly fucking disgusted, tired and annoyed of Apple using gay fairy fudge-packer music in their iPod advertisements. The music is so annoying, so stupid, makes no sense at all and is listened to by boys who do men.

So I decided to change the Apple ad to something a little more vigorous and manly. Something with some bite to it. In other words REAL MUSIC!!

So sit back and watch the ad I made using Apple’s footage…this is the way it should have been from the start!


I just read an article which discusses a letter sent by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In this letter they ask that B&J’s replace cows milk with human milk. Apparently some jackass in Switzerland is now using milk purchased from nursing mothers in his restaurant’s food. Well just because some ass-wipe lunatic from Europe is doing it doesn’t make it right. In a poll asking people if they would eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream if it was made from human milk, the response was overwhelmingly NO (89% of those polled in fact). Ben and Jerry, the founders of the most awesome ice cream in the world, essentially told PETA they are retarded and declined the suggestion.

All I gotta say is, the people at PETA are complete morons who need to find something else to do with their apparent over abundance of time. Give me a fucking break. Just the fact they created an organization for the ethical treatment of animals is enough to say to me…hey look at the lunatics!

PETA operatives have poisoned show dogs, stating they are saving the animals from a life of torture. They have repeatedly stated that animals we keep as pets could never survive without human intervention. Yeah, tell that one to my neighbor whose cat seems to live quite well on its own outside. I can send you the mouse carcass she brought home one night.

Well, I have only one thing to say to PETA and its supporters…follow these instructions:

1. Get in your car/truck.
2. Drive out onto the highway.
3. Get out of your car/truck.
4. Jump in front of a fucking 18 wheeler.

Yeah, that’s called doing the world a favor. Thanks, bye.

You can read the article and letter from PETA here.

A sad day to be a Patriots fan

Yesterdays loss to the Miami Dolphins was a low blow to anyone who is a New England Patriots fan. To be defeated by the crappiest, piece of shit, team in the NFL who won only a single game last season and no games (until now) this season is disgusting. I thought Matt Cassel had the potential to step up to the plate and perform in Brady’s absence. I thought the team still had the spirit that made the Patriots great over the past 8 seasons. But I guess I was mistaken. The Patriot’s performance, on their own home field, yesterday was absolutely a disgrace to the team, to the fans and the owner of the franchise.

The Patriots have a bye this week. I would hope and pray that Belechek gets off his ass and slams these players to the ground and tells them they better fucking straighten up or get the fuck out. Just because Brady is out is no excuse to play football like a bunch of 12 year old mentally retarded little league football players.

I love the Patriots and that is the only reason I would say these things…out of love for a team who has done so much, who has earned the respect of many and hatred of many. Those who respect the Patriots are hurt to see them suffer so horrible a loss. Those who hate the Patriots can kiss my mother fucking ass.

Here’s hoping when the Patriots return from their bye and play the San Francisco 49ers, they will have their heads out of their asses, will have stopped feeling sorry for themselves because of losing Brady and will reignite the Patriot spirit, that flame which has burned so brightly. That flame is NOT Tom Brady, that flame is the love from the fans, the discipline and determination to be winners and the drive to persevere no matter what stands in your way!

GO PATS!!!!!

First Impressions of Cassel

The New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets and Matt Cassel is starting as quarterback for the Pats. After the loss of Tom Brady last week from a broken ACL, I was really wondering what the season would be like without him. Last year when Cassel played, the end result was bad things happening. So I was kind of nervous…okay not kind of…very nervous when I realized he would be the Pats quarterback for the rest of the season. The media (idiotic sportscasters) went crazy with it and said “OMG the Patriots will never see a Superbowl this year” and “The Patriots are doomed” and “Cassel hasn’t started as quarterback since he was in high school.”

Well after watching him today all I can say is, I am impressed. He does have some rough edges, needs to work on a few things, but overall he has been doing very well. It is clear to me that he has spent a lot of time working hard to better himself and his skills. Only time will tell where he will lead the Patriots. I will cheer him on just as I have cheered on the Patriots through thick and thin since 1996.

And to the sportscaster retards all I can say is…if you think you know the Patriots…you are so wrong! The Patriot way is all about adapting and doing whatever it takes to go against the odds. The Pats have lost Brady, but what they haven’t lost is the Patriot spirit!

Lamenting Tom Brady

I have been a Patriots fan since 1996. Before that I was a Cowboys fan, yeah don’t say anything. I have followed my Patriots to three Superbowls (the fourth never happened). Now as the 2008 season opens we are looking at a season without Tom Brady. I was somewhat shocked, but not surprised. Many say this will doom the Patriots. I couldn’t disagree more!

The Patriots have always been about adapting to a situation, making well to do with what you have. While I think Matt Cassel has a lot of development to do, needs some work in certain areas, I think he is going to do fine as the starting quarterback. We will have to overlook mistakes and hope he learns from them and becomes a great asset to the Patriot organization.

So despite a devastating loss to the team, I am still going to be there supporting them. We can and will conquer all!