For the past year I have had my fill of all the political bs that seems to be saturating the media. But I have also made a very important decision during that time. After weighing the pros and cons of each candidate I settled on Barack Obama as my choice for our next president way back last December. McCain is an old school Republican who has done nothing good during his tenure in the House and Senate. He has consistently opposed the use of alternative energy technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions. If we had started working on alternative forms of fueling our cars back in the 80s, we might not be so reliant on foreign oil today. As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say…he is a duck, not an eagle. He doesn’t color outside the lines, he doesn’t see beyond what is in front of him. He has no vision, no innovative thinking to help move America forward and out of the grip of foreign oil. He claims we can start drilling off shore in the Atlantic and Pacific. Well first off, it will take several years to get that in motion and then several years more before we see any benefit. And that benefit will be very small and not able to handle the demand American’s place upon the oil companies, especially during the Summer vacation season.

No, McCain is yet another bureaucrat, from the old school of politics. He doesn’t have the ability to think outside the box. He is too set in his ways to be flexible enough to consider alternatives which might be more practical and more beneficial to our country.

So because of all this, because of the facts that I know of, I have chosen Obama as my next president. Obama has vision, he sees beyond and outside the box. He is flexible and his mind is not so rigid as to be ignorant and excuse ideas which could help drive us forward, not backward, in the coming decade. America needs a positive, flexible, thinker in the White House. Someone who will make things happen and do so in a way which is innovative and new. We don’t need the status quo in the White House. That will be business as usual and the country will dive further into recession or worse. Nothing will change with McCain. He the same old song that we have had to listen to for the past eight years. We need a new song, a new voice, a new direction, a new hope, a new future that only Barack Obama can provide. We need an eagle in the White House. That eagle is Barack Obama!

Barack Obama’s Web Site


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