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McCain, the same old song

For the past year I have had my fill of all the political bs that seems to be saturating the media. But I have also made a very important decision during that time. After weighing the pros and cons of each candidate I settled on Barack Obama as my choice for our next president way back last December. McCain is an old school Republican who has done nothing good during his tenure in the House and Senate. He has consistently opposed the use of alternative energy technologies to reduce greenhouse emissions. If we had started working on alternative forms of fueling our cars back in the 80s, we might not be so reliant on foreign oil today. As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say…he is a duck, not an eagle. He doesn’t color outside the lines, he doesn’t see beyond what is in front of him. He has no vision, no innovative thinking to help move America forward and out of the grip of foreign oil. He claims we can start drilling off shore in the Atlantic and Pacific. Well first off, it will take several years to get that in motion and then several years more before we see any benefit. And that benefit will be very small and not able to handle the demand American’s place upon the oil companies, especially during the Summer vacation season.

No, McCain is yet another bureaucrat, from the old school of politics. He doesn’t have the ability to think outside the box. He is too set in his ways to be flexible enough to consider alternatives which might be more practical and more beneficial to our country.

So because of all this, because of the facts that I know of, I have chosen Obama as my next president. Obama has vision, he sees beyond and outside the box. He is flexible and his mind is not so rigid as to be ignorant and excuse ideas which could help drive us forward, not backward, in the coming decade. America needs a positive, flexible, thinker in the White House. Someone who will make things happen and do so in a way which is innovative and new. We don’t need the status quo in the White House. That will be business as usual and the country will dive further into recession or worse. Nothing will change with McCain. He the same old song that we have had to listen to for the past eight years. We need a new song, a new voice, a new direction, a new hope, a new future that only Barack Obama can provide. We need an eagle in the White House. That eagle is Barack Obama!

Barack Obama’s Web Site

Farewell to a Grand Lady, Genevieve Costello (1920-2008)

This morning the world lost one of the good ones. My great aunt Gen, the last member of a generation long since past, died at the age of 88 years. Since I was an infant, she was a part of my life. Throughout my childhood she was there when-ever we would be up visiting my grandparents. She was a strong willed woman with a passion for life and she enjoyed every day she was blessed with. She brought two wonderful sons into the world who share her stubborn will and drive to live every day to the fullest. She would greet everyday with a smile and an attitude that, Lord willing, she would conquer the day.

My great aunt Gen was a wonderful person, loving, caring, generous and most especially an incredible mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and great aunt. She will be sorely missed by all those who knew her. She will be greeted with open arms by those who have gone before and are now in Heaven celebrating their reunion with her. She has seen the face of God and I know she will enjoy all Heaven has to offer just as she did here on this Earth.

Farewell Genevieve, I love you and shall miss you. God willing, I shall see you again someday.

Happy 8th Birthday Kelsey!

Today holds very special meaning for me. Back in December I thought that my time with Kelsey was coming to an end when he was diagnosed with GI Lymphoma. He quickly went into remission and he completed his chemotherapy protocol last month and continues to do very well. You’d never think he had a disease. His weight is holding steady around 28 lbs, he has energy and has fun with his sister, Tango.

I get tears in my eyes when I think about it. To think today we will be celebrating his 8th birthday, it’s an awesome thing. We will be having his little party tonight after I get home from work, I will post pictures later tonight.


My Great IKEA Experience

In the past two months, I have spent over $1500 at IKEA. First, I got an awesome new pair of bookshelves to replace my aging book cases. which were also from IKEA. The problem with the bookcases (called Billy) is that they were dust magnets. They were tall and you couldn’t clean under or behind them. The new bookshelves I got are called Enetri. They are supported by a pair of aluminum side pieces, the shelves just slide in and rest on supports welded onto the aluminum sides. The advantage to these shelves is, they are just about 5′ 9″ tall, so the top bookshelf is about at eye level for me. This makes cleaning/vacuuming the top shelf a breeze. And since there is no real bottom to these shelves, just an open space under the bottom shelf you can very easily clean the floor and back near the wall. This is excellent. What’s also excellent is that the space between the bottom most shelf and the floor is just the perfect size for a Trissa storage box. So not only do you have a super awesome shelving unit, but also have room for storage!

After I got my Enetri shelves, I went and got myself an Aneboda bed frame with the slats and midbeam. This bedframe, despite someone I know saying it’s cheap, is awesome. It’s got a great price, it’s good quality and it does the job. It looks beautiful too. I already had a sleep number bed (Select Comfort) so it just slid into the frame real nicely and I am very happy with that.

Once the bed was finished it was time for a new bedside table and chest of drawers. Since I got the Aneboda bed frame I wanted to remain consistent with that. So I got the Aneboda Bedside Table and the Aneboda 3-drawer Chest of Drawers. Assembling them was really easy. The bedside table was done in 25 minutes, the chest of drawers took about 30. They are awesome! Because of their light weight, it makes it easy to pull them away from the wall to clean under and behind them. They replaced a night table from my Grandmother and an old 1930’s era wardrobe from my Grandfather. Both were in pretty bad shape and both were a pain to pull out and clean behind.

Next, my biggest project was to replace my aging Galant and Jerker desk combination. I had a 47″x31″ beech Galant desk (circa 2003) and a 1999 Jerker desk without the hutch. Needless to say they did not provide enough room for me to do graphic arts, school work and so on. So I decided to replace them with a big Galant desk system and a Galant 47″x31″ desk with A-Legs which could be adjusted to make it into a drafting table. I decided to go with White since everything in my room motif is white. I got the Galant corner desk, left orientation, with a 31″x24″ tabletop extension and a 12″ half-round on the end. It was a BITCH to put together, but once it was done…man I love it. The drafting table was a lot easier to build and it rocks.

Now it’s time for the finishing touches, which I am still working on. I grabbed a Black Jules chair (my desk chair is black) yesterday so my “guests” would have a place to sit. I also grabbed a couple more Trissa storage boxes…God I love those!

I also replaced my bed sheets with IKEA sheets and an IKEA 365+ Quilt and quilt cover. I tell you I am sleeping better at night…the sheets are so soft and comfortable as is the quilt. The pillow cases are equally as awesome, they dont lay open on one side, rather they have a flap that folds over the end of the pillow (like a sandwich bag) that keeps it all enclosed. Looks great!

So what’s left to buy? I want to grab two Lack shelving units with a lighting system that attaches to them. The Lack shelves are awesome. I plan to place one over my bed and the second over my drafting table. I also want to grab myself a new office chair, but I think I will wait another 6 months on that. The Markus chair is in my sights, but the chair I have now is perfectly good and not causing me any problems.

And that’s it for the moment. So, I have remade my room completely with IKEA products and it looks fantastic. I take a lot of pride in it and the fact that I work for IKEA as well. They are an awesome company with great people…to go along with the great products they offer. That’s always been my experience since the very first time I visited IKEA in 1992. I have always purchased my desks from them. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many different desks and accessories I have had from IKEA. Needless to say, the customer satisfaction level from my standpoint is a 10 out of 10.

Here’s a summary of the products which make up my room at this point (some photos below):

• Enetri Bookshelves
• Aneboda Bed Frame (Full)
• Aneboda Bedside Table
• Aneboda 3-Drawer Chest of Drawers
• Galant 47×31 Desk with A-Legs
• Galant Corner Desk Left, 32×24 Tabletop Extension, 12″ Half-Round Extension, T-Legs
• Galant Rolling File Drawer – White
• Effektiv File Frame Front with 6″ Capita Legs (Printer stand)
• Forså Desk Lamp – Black
• Not Floor Lamp (2)
• Tertial Work Lamp
• Trissa Storage Boxes 13×9″ and 13×13″ White
• Bästis Doggy Bed, Medium (2)
• Dokument Letter Tray – Gray
• Dokument Pen Cup Set – Gray
• Gestalta Artist’s Figure
• Bjärnum bookends (14)
• Signum cable management tray
• Summera Felt Drawer insert (for the Galant file drawer)

For information on the products listed, surf on over to

Now for some photos…

Aneboda 3-Drawer Chest of Drawers with my stuff from Disney World…yeah yeah just shut it

Enetri Bookshelves

Galant desk system with Effektiv File Frame Front printer stand

Galant desk turned drafting table with Tertial work lamp

Aneboda Bedside Table

Trissa storage boxes and Jules visitor chair

Galant rolling file drawer

Not floor lamp

AND…when you’re done with all that, this is what you end up with…LOL!

BREAKING NEWS: Ludwig IV assumes the throne!

Fishtank, Virginia USA — Almost two months after the death of King Ludwig III, his heir has taken the throne as King Ludwig IV. It is hoped that King Ludvig IV will live a long happy life and rule wisely over the kingdom of Fishtank.

Here is a photo of the new underwater King: