A new band!

I was doing a little looking around to see what other cool hardcore bands might be out there. It’s something I do once every 3-6 months. I came across a band called MADBALL, they are from New York City and are actually one of the leading bands in the NY hardcore scene. They have been around a while. I can’t believe I never heard of ’em until now.

Here’s a video from their most recent album (2007)…omg they fucking rock!


Terror’s New Album is out and it rocks!

OMG I just heard that Terror released their new album a month or so ago and man it fucking rocks!! Here’s a video from the new album….

My new workspace

Well I spent most of the day cleaning out a pile of junk, an old desk and building my new desk system. It’s a Galant from IKEA and it rocks. I still have to finish the setup of my Galant file drawer and drafting table. Here’s some photos of my new Galant desk system…

6 am

Every day now for the past week and a half I have been waking up around 6 am. I dunno what in the hell caused this to start happening…but for some stupid reason I keep waking up at that time. It’s annoying. Why? I try and roll over and go back to sleep, but alas I am not always successful. Then by 8pm I am feeling exhausted…this is not right! This is what old people do!!

So I am going to stop waking up at 6 am. I am going to force myself to stay up late, close my blinds so no light enters the room in the morning and then, sleep until 8 or 9 as I am used to doing.

Yeah, we’ll see who’s in charge of whose internal clock!

New York: Great Aunt, My sister & Perkins

My parents and I made a rather hasty trip to New York starting last Thursday. We found out last weekend that my Great Aunt is seriously ill and may not be with us much longer. She is 88 and hasn’t been eating for the past month or so and has lost considerable weight. When we visited her on Thursday it was a shocker, she was very thin and gaunt in appearance. It really hit me hard, but I was able to keep myself under control. My mother, on the other hand, was pretty upset. I surmise another trip to New York will be forthcoming in the very near future. I wish it wasn’t to be, but this is part of life — we are born, we live our lives and then we die. It will be very tough on my mother. My Great Aunt is as much a mother to my Mom as her biological mother was. She is as much a grandmother figure to me as my grandmother was. So yes, I too will have a hard time of it when she passes from this Earth.

We also visited my sister who, as you may know, has been in a coma since a drunk driver hit her in 2005. Her condition is beginning to degrade as well, although at a much slower pace. My Mom and I are working to move her down here to Virginia by the end of September.

Last, but not least, I visited Perkin’s Memorial Observatory up on Bear Mountain in Bear Mountain State Park. The last time I visited this landmark was when I was just a child. Here’s a photo I took…