The Phoenix lander successfully touched down on the surface of Mars tonight after a 10 month journey to the red planet. I have been anxiously waiting for this event and it happened tonight like clockwork. The lander touched down in the northern polar region of Mars, not too far from the polar ice cap of Mars. On the deck of the lander is a special glass DVD and along with a number of greetings from scientists and people on Earth are 250,000 names. My name is included on the DVD, so it’s really exciting to know that my name is sitting on a DVD on the surface of Mars.

I can’t wait to see and read about the science that will be coming out of the Phoenix lander over the next month or so. It’s really exciting stuff.

Now here’s a couple images from the Phoenix lander. One is of the landing pad and the other is of the area up to the horizon near the lander.


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