A few weeks ago I wrote about how it is ridiculous to have given the Olympics to China. They have countless human rights abuses, child labor and have a power hold over Tibet and other municipalities they have no right holding prisoner.

About a week ago an epidemic of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease broke out. Almost 12,000 children have been afflicted with it and 28 (possibly more) have died.

Then a week later, a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the richter scale hit, killing over 12,000. The death toll will probably rise.

The question is…is China getting the message?

I cannot say that these events are the result of God being displeased with the government of China and their horrendous crimes. But I will say that anything that does not glorify Him, will displease Him. I think there is more here than meets the eye. China could be getting the punishment it has deserved.

What’s so sad is that the message is probably falling on deaf ears. How long until China changes their evil ways? How many more people must suffer and die before China joins the rest of the world and honors human life rather than look upon it as slave labor?

I think it would be wise for people thinking of going to the Olympics to consider an alternative.

UPDATED – 5/14/08 : The virus epidemic has now spread into Beijing and over 24,000 children are afflicted and 42 have died. The earthquake has now claimed 15,000 lives and over 26,000 are still buried in the rubble.


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