Two days ago, America’s justice system failed me and my family. It released a man who changed the lives of two families. A man who, while drunk, destroyed my sister’s life and severely changed that of her friend. He ran a red light, struck them and sent my sister into a persistent vegetative state and her friend into a nightmare of regret, guilt and physical problems. This man was found not guilty because he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing, therefore he had no intent to cause bodily harm to these two wonderful young women. So that is what our judicial system lets happen. You can go out, get drunk and destroy people’s lives and you are innocent.

Upon further reflection of the outcome of the trial, I have to say I am disappointed. My pride in being an American has been tarnished. When I think where this guy would be right now if this were Japan, Sweden, France, hell anywhere in Europe, it really makes the United States look like a pile of shit. How is it that other countries can have such severe penalties for drunk driving and we just let these people go saying, “Aaaw it’s ok, you’re drunk, you have no idea what you are doing. You can go home.” If this accident had occurred in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Egypt, he would have been hung…no questions asked.

Don’t read into this that I am bitter. I am not. I am disappointed, but not to the extent that I will dwell on this. I am moving on with life, this chapter is over and it’s time to do what is right for my sister and for my family. I have things to do, there’s no space in my life for dwelling on something I have no control over. All I can say is what I have said, express my opinion, then close the book. I will hand the book over to God and He will deal with it. In the end, justice will be served.

Now on a lighter, happier, note…I just bought a new iMac!! In January I got a check from my college loan, an extra amount I had set aside for a new computer. I spoke with a friend of mine at Apple and he said not to buy an iMac right away, that a new speed bump was coming…but he couldn’t tell me when. So I waited, January came and went. February came and went and by the middle of March I was starting to wonder how long I would have to wait for this new Mac. By the beginning of April I started to think about just buying the iMac and not worry about the new iMac. But then a leak on the Macrumors web site said the new iMacs were just a few weeks away. So I decided I would continue to wait. And I am so happy I did. The new iMacs got a front side bus speed bump that is significant and a new processor…and 2 gigs of memory STANDARD! Since I was going to add another gig of memory to get 2 gigs, I now had a little extra money left over since it came with 2 standard. With that extra money I upgraded the hard drive in it from 350 gigs to 750 gigs.

It should be here next week and I will finally be rid of this old iMac that is crashing and hanging all the time (it’s four years old).


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