Tango going under the knife tomorrow

Well my little two year old Whippet, Tango, is going in to be spayed tomorrow. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. But hey, like any good parent, worry is part of the game. She will be going to the vet between 8 and 9am and will be in the operating room around 10:30/11.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Phoenix Lands on Mars!

The Phoenix lander successfully touched down on the surface of Mars tonight after a 10 month journey to the red planet. I have been anxiously waiting for this event and it happened tonight like clockwork. The lander touched down in the northern polar region of Mars, not too far from the polar ice cap of Mars. On the deck of the lander is a special glass DVD and along with a number of greetings from scientists and people on Earth are 250,000 names. My name is included on the DVD, so it’s really exciting to know that my name is sitting on a DVD on the surface of Mars.

I can’t wait to see and read about the science that will be coming out of the Phoenix lander over the next month or so. It’s really exciting stuff.

Now here’s a couple images from the Phoenix lander. One is of the landing pad and the other is of the area up to the horizon near the lander.

Back with Dorothy

Well I have resumed my relationship with Dorothy. It was put on hold in like December when I realized there was no way I could afford to be flying out to see her as often as I’d like. But we’re back and I still love her and she still loves me. So, that pretty much sums it up.

I also decided to go back to playing World of Warcraft on the server she is on, so we’re playing together again.

More later.

Oil Companies are Criminals

I was out yesterday getting some groceries when I realized I had to get some gas. I stopped at a gas station that usually has lower than usual prices. I was astonished to see the price for gas was $3.96 a gallon. Since I drive a high performance car, I have no choice but to use high octane fuel. So…ouch!

It left me asking myself, why are gas prices so high? What is the reason? I mean, there seems to be plenty of crude oil coming in, there haven’t been any fuel refinery explosions or outages. No, this has nothing to do with supply or plant problems. This has to do with the oil companies being rotten criminals. You see it every spring, the price of gas goes up right about the time people start going on vacation. They are gouging us. They are charging us loads of money for gas and becoming filthy rich. That sounds like a bunch of criminals to me.

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t seen huge technological leaps in the areas of hydrogen and/or electric cars? Well there is a reason for that. The oil companies have car makers by the balls. If they develop a car that is practical and can be used anywhere by anyone, guess what happens to the little towel heads at OPEC? They lose their income. They go broke. Oil will become a thing of the past and those little criminals will be out of business.

I think its disgusting and pathetic that our administration cannot seem to get a clue and make changes. There is no reason for the oil companies to be doing this to the American public. Especially now when money is so tight. People are spending more money on fuel for their cars than they do for a night out for two at a restaurant. I spent $52.10 yesterday on gasoline, that’s FIFTY FUCKING DOLLARS! Now take that $50 and multiply it by 200 (that is the average number of gas station customers per day). That’s $1,000 a day. Now take that single gasoline station’s earnings and multiply it by the number of gasoline stations nationwide. According to The Journal Of Petroleum Marketing, June, 1998 issue, there were 187,097 retail locations in the United States. Well that was back in 1998, let’s say there are roughly 210,000 now.

If the price of gas was uniform across all gas stations (which it’s not), in ONE DAY all the gas stations in the United States generate $210,000,000. Yes, you read that right two hundred and ten MILLION DOLLARS in ONE DAY! Naturally you have to shave a small chunk of that off for operating expenses, labor and so on. But still, it’s just ridiculous. I am not even going to calculate how much money they make in a week. Okay, I will…in one week, under the same assumptions, all of the gas stations in the United States would make $1,470,000,000 (one BILLION, four hundred and seventy million dollars). Also consider for a moment that this is based on my $50 gas bill yesterday. Many gas stations are charging significantly more for gas in other parts of the nation.

So now that you have seen some figures…why the fuck are we paying these losers so much for gas? Because they know we have no choice. If we want to get to work, get around, go shopping and do all the things we need to do in our day to day lives, we need to drive a vehicle, and vehicles need gas to go. So essentially, they have us by the balls.

Something needs to be done. This has to stop. People are losing their homes, the cost of groceries is skyrocketing. And it all falls back to the core problem, gas prices. If it costs the food grower $20 more for gas, the price of food will go up, because it costs more to transport it to the grocer. So now you see the mess. How do we clean it up? We need to elect a president who will address this issue head on. We need to free the car manufacturers from the criminal stronghold that OPEC and the oil companies have on them.

Otherwise, what more will happen? Our nature preserves in Alaska will be destroyed because we need oil? That’s not a fucking solution! Get rid of gasoline powered vehicles! We have the technology to send men back to the moon and eventually Mars, get Hydrogen cars on the market! Get rid of gasoline, send the towel heads packing and even better…make our environment cleaner through the use of Hydrogen powered cars!

The solution is clear. We just need to get off our asses and make it happen.

Is China getting the message? (Updated 5/14/08)

A few weeks ago I wrote about how it is ridiculous to have given the Olympics to China. They have countless human rights abuses, child labor and have a power hold over Tibet and other municipalities they have no right holding prisoner.

About a week ago an epidemic of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease broke out. Almost 12,000 children have been afflicted with it and 28 (possibly more) have died.

Then a week later, a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the richter scale hit, killing over 12,000. The death toll will probably rise.

The question is…is China getting the message?

I cannot say that these events are the result of God being displeased with the government of China and their horrendous crimes. But I will say that anything that does not glorify Him, will displease Him. I think there is more here than meets the eye. China could be getting the punishment it has deserved.

What’s so sad is that the message is probably falling on deaf ears. How long until China changes their evil ways? How many more people must suffer and die before China joins the rest of the world and honors human life rather than look upon it as slave labor?

I think it would be wise for people thinking of going to the Olympics to consider an alternative.

UPDATED – 5/14/08 : The virus epidemic has now spread into Beijing and over 24,000 children are afflicted and 42 have died. The earthquake has now claimed 15,000 lives and over 26,000 are still buried in the rubble.

Exalted with Kurenai!

Most of you probably will have no friggin clue what I am talking about. Well tonight I spent 5 hours in World of Warcraft working on what is called reputation with a certain faction, in this case they are called the Kurenai. When you get Exalted with them, which follows going through Friendly to Honored to Revered, you get a special mount which your character can ride.

After busting my ass for nearly 5 hours tonight, I finally got exalted and got my new cool mount.

Check it out…

Frostshadow, my 67 rogue on her new ride!

New iMac is incredible!

I am writing this entry on my brand spankin’ new iMac! As I said in my last post I have been waiting a long time for this refresh on the iMac product line and this is it. If there was one word I could use to describe it…it would be “wicked fast!” Okay, that’s two words, but you get the idea. It is very very fast, applications open almost the instant I click their icons. The screen is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. The keyboard is wicked thin and feels really good, it’s responsive and doesn’t require a lot of pressure to type. My fingers are still learning the new feel of it.

I have to say Apple has done a remarkable job on these new Macs. I am really glad I waited and now I am going to go upstairs and clean up my desk so I can finally put this baby in her final work spot.

I can’t wait to install World of Warcraft on this baby…omg…gotta go…