You know, I’d like to tell the Olympic committee, that decided to allow an Olympics to occur in China, they are the most retarded assholes on Earth. First off, come on, what the fuck, China is a communist country that has countless human rights violations, is holding the country of Tibet a prisoner and is supporting little shits like North Korea. I am not bashing the land of China, or the people of China. I believe China is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring places on Earth. It is filled with some incredible history, art and the great wall that is a towering tribute to their ancestors.

No, I would not bash anyone from China or the beautiful land of China. I am bashing the government of China who holds onto the idea that communism is the best way to rule a country and thinks it can suppress freedom and liberty of its people through intimidation, torture and other cruel acts against human rights.

Personally I hope the Chinese Olympics are a huge failure. They don’t deserve to be hosting the Olympics, they don’t deserve half the support that America gives them. China should be cut off from the rest of the world. It’s products, which have been in question of late, should be banned and blocked from export to other countries. We should cut off their supply of money and resources like a surgeon cuts off blood flow to a tumor. Let China wither away until they have no choice but to join the 21st century, to respect human rights and to release their grip of power on Tibet and other principalities that have no reason being part of China. Right now we are supporting this menace, feeding it with our money and support by importing goods from China. China is robbing the United States of jobs. Think about it, instead of seeing that computer keyboard made in China, wouldn’t it be more patriotic and supportive of your own country to see it made at home? And sure it would be a little more expensive, that’s because China uses child labor and pays its workers the barest crumb for their work. Workers are allowed to live, that’s about all. Mothers and their children work in sweat shops under horrible conditions just so we can buy something for a lot less money. That’s one price that is too damned high in my opinion.

So I say, fuck China’s government and the upcoming olympics there. Until they come down from their high horse and start treating their citizens with the dignity and respect they deserve, until they abandon communism and embrace a government that is for the people’s best interests, China should be cut off until the life is sucked out of it’s government. Then, perhaps, it can again become that great place they call “Our Land”, endowed with the beauty and wondrous music and arts that is China. Then once more China can become 天下第一 (the best under Heaven).



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