Okay here’s the scoop…

1. School : School is going very well. I have been getting good grades (A’s and B’s…and one C+). I am really enjoying all I am learning and doing. I just started the next semester, the two classes I am in are Drawing and Color Theory. I am going to get to do some painting in Color Theory. Should be fun!

2. Kelsey : Kelsey, my first Whippet, was diagnosed with G.I. Lymphoma in December. I made the decision to give him a chance to beat it and he started chemotherapy. He had some issues in the first week, but after that he began doing very well. I had a hard time keeping weight on him, but he stayed around 20 lbs. Last week we did ultrasound to determine whether or not the chemo is working. They found no disease or cancer in his stomach or intestines. So in essence, he has beat it and it’s in remission. We will be keeping him on chemo for a few more weeks to be sure everything is killed off.

3. My Dad : My Dad’s cancer has been more of a challenge. His PSA levels have been rising and falling and he has changed treatments several times in the past year. He is becoming more and more difficult to deal with, he seems to have lost all interest in anything and his attitude is in need of a swift kick in the ass. I surmise if he continues on his present course of feeling sorry for himself and giving in to his weaknesses, then he surely won’t be with us for long.

4. My Sister : My sister’s condition remains unchanged. My parents are attempting to get her into a new research project which has had some success with brain traumatized patients. It is our hope we can get her into that research project and give her a chance. If she does not respond and further tests show no hope of recovery, I am positive that we will be making a very difficult decision in the next year or so. Meanwhile the bastard who caused all this is still free and the trial has been delayed four times. The next trial starts next week – let us hope that the judicial system puts him away for the rest of his pathetic life.

5. Tango : Tango is doing great, she has blossomed into a beautiful girl. Her first show for the 2008 season will be in April. I have also started doing stud searches as I begin planning to hopefully breed her next year.

6. New Puppy : There may be a new puppy in my future. I am looking to get a male, show quality, puppy from Tango’s breeder. With all that has gone on with Kelsey, the likelihood of him living a full life (12-15 years) is very minimal. Therefore I feel it would be a good idea to get another puppy now so Tango can acclimate to him, so when Kelsey does regrettably pass away, I don’t have a show dog suffering from depression.

7. Dorothy : I have pretty much concluded my relationship with Dorothy. Being a student with a minimal budget, I would not be able to continually go out to Oregon to see her and further our relationship. I still love her, but for her good and mine it’s for the best I just end it. I simply don’t know why I get into these long distance relationships – they are too difficult to maintain and deal with. So I am consigning myself to being a bachelor. My social life is insufficient to add to my chances of finding someone. It’s a shame, of all the woman I have had relationships with they have all found me to be an extremely unique male figure…very open with my feelings and very respectful to those of the opposite sex. Shame no-one will benefit from that. I will just be a lonely old man and will die without ever having known the wonders of having someone to spend my life with.

That’s it for now.

I think that’s pretty much all of it.