I am still in my relationship with Dorothy and I feel seriously about her. I wrote her this poem the other day, she loved it very much and it really expresses my feelings about her…


As the sun breaks the dark of night,
the morning mist clears,
and reveals a beautiful sight.

Among the rays of the sun up high,
I see you there,
and I smile, resounding a sigh.

I cannot reach you for you are so far,
but I close my eyes,
now we are no longer apart.

I caress your cheek and kiss you sweet,
you purr in contentment,
this is how it is every time we meet.

I take you into my arms and feel your heat,
burning desire within,
my breath grows short, faster my heart beats.

I feel every inch of you, exploring everything,
you moan in anticipation,
how much more ecstasy can my touch bring?

My heart beats for you, every single beat,
every single moment,
you are my everything, my darling, my sweet.

The sun sets and darkness closes in,
as we lay together,
I look in your eyes, and fall deep within.

I close my eyes and dreams abound,
of you and I,
I am happy with this love I have found.

Close your eyes and dream of me,
from the farthest shore to the deep blue sea,
never forget about the one who loves you,
for you are on my mind every moment of every day,
every tick and every beat of my heart,
you are there and I am too,
Dorothy, I love you.


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