Well this was an awesome weekend for me, being a huge fan of the New England Patriots and also a fan of the Sox. The Patriots completely destroyed the Dolphins 49-28. Some of the plays they pulled off in that game were incredible. Tom Brady got five touchdown passes completed in the first half of the game. The score was 35-7 by half-time. The Dolphins tried to fight back, but got smacked down. They got a free touchdown only because of that idiot quarterback Cassel who was in the game for Brady. After that Brady came back in to wrap up the game.

For the first time in a long time, I sat and watched a baseball game from start to finish. The Red Sox and Cleveland Indians were playing in game 7 of the ALCS. I am not a huge fan of baseball, I find it too slow and boring…but I do cheer for the Red Sox and I couldn’t miss this game. It was spectacular as the Sox beat the Indians 12-2 and are now preparing to play the Colorado Rockies in the World Series on Wednesday. I will be watching as many games as I can. I hope the Sox can pull this one off.

So all in all a great weekend! I am going to proudly wear my Red Sox cap to work today.


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