Well, it’s official, I got my iPhone this morning while on vacation here in New York. I decided I couldn’t wait 2-4 weeks for the online order to be shipped. So, I looked into where Apple Stores might be and I found one just 2 miles from my hotel in New Jersey.

First off, this thing deserves every crumb of hype it got. All I can say is wow, what an amazing piece of technology. The first thing I did, after activating it, was look at the web, setup my email accounts and played some tunes. While the EDGE network stuff is slow, it is not horrible. You can actually view a web page in less than 10-12 seconds in most cases. The YouTube stuff also downloads and plays incredibly well over EDGE. All in all not bad.

So my first impressions of this wonder device are excellent. I am really happy to finally have one. Now to go setup my voicemail!


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