For the past year or so I have been tracking the progress of a new web browser that has been under development in Japan. It’s called Shiira. I have been using alphas and betas of the software and now, finally, the software has been released as Shiira 2.1. I loaded it up and immediately started configuring it and then ran into issues.

First thing I noticed, being a writer and all, is that the English in the preferences is not so good. But even worse is the bookmark management. I asked it to use my Safari bookmark bar instead of the Shiira bookmark bar and it did nothing at all. Then I came to find out that the Shiira bookmark bar doesn’t support folders…what the hell?!!?

Then I tried loading and 1 minute 14 seconds later it still was thinking about it. *sigh*

Oh well, keep trying. It’s back to using Safari for me.

I give Shiira 1 star…just for looking nice.


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