I see I have been neglecting my poor blog here. Over the past 3 weeks I have been swamped with things. I am, as you may know, working on the sequel to my first book. That is eating up a TON of my time (and sleep). I am also working on a t-shirt design for a photographer friend of mine, getting my dog Tango ready for her show debut, dealing with these ear infections because of my allergies and above all else just dealing with my day to day stuff. Yeah, lots of excuses.

The new book is coming along great! I am really excited about it, the story is really rich and has a lot of surprises in store for the climax. I am about 80% finished with it…but even if it were done today, I would need to spend at least a couple weeks reviewing it, correcting stuff and making minor tweaks and revisions. I am telling the people who are interested in it that it should be ready to hit the presses in late June/early July. I can’t wait to publish it, it’s just an awesome story. It’s also going to be no less than three times larger than my first book. So a lot more to read.

This weekend is Tango’s show debut at the AKC Mattaponi Dog Show in Manassas. Am I nervous? Meh, maybe a little. No sense being nervous until Saturday morning. But I feel we are both ready to go. I have one more class before the show, so we’ll brush up on any loose ends then.

Last, but not least, I had an MRI last Friday to try and pin down what is causing my dizziness and ear problems. I had a really bad vertigo attack about a week ago and since then my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor has shown concern. He wants to make sure there’s nothing bad going on in my head before trying some treatments. Needless to say, this being my first MRI in my life…if I can avoid it in the future, I will. It was rather un-nerving. But I fought off my claustrophobic feelings (I am not claustrophobic, but that thing sure makes you feel like it), closed my eyes and focused on pleasant thoughts. LOL!!! I will find out in about a week what the results are.

In the meantime, I will try not to neglect my poor blog. More to come!


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