Yesterday marked one week since the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech. For the past week we have been saturated with coverage by the media about this horrible event. Everytime I turned on the TV or visited a news web site or turned on the radio there was talk about Virginia Tech. While I agree this event was tragic and deserved attention, I also believe that the media should consider this kind of coverage for every soldier killed in Iraq.

So what is the difference? These are Americans dying in a war that was lost the moment it began. These are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, our family of Americans, being killed. Why not provide more coverage? Are you saying that they aren’t worth it?

Ever since I did the DVD for the reporter at my office, the one which contained the interview with Staff Sergeant Darrell Griffin, I have had these strong feelings about what is going on over in Iraq. It needs to end now. Why are the futures of those soldiers any different than the futures of the students killed at Virginia Tech? They all had families who loved them, they all had dreams and ambitions.

But while we show concern for our own, we must also think about the Iraqi people. They too are suffering great hardships. There is nothing that we can do to change the course of events that will be unfolding in Iraq. There is something greater coming and we need to get out before it arrives. Many people speak of civil war breaking out in Iraq. I think it is inevitable. But I am not posting this to talk about that aspect of the war.

No, I am posting to say that I believe every life is special, every person who breathes is special. The innocent youth who lost their lives at Virginia Tech were special and they received a great honor from those who taught them, who loved them, who called them friends. I just think that our young soldiers who are fighting and dying in Iraq deserve no less than that. Instead they are just numbers, which occupy perhaps 5 seconds of an evening broadcast. Do they not deserve more than that?

I think they do.


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