Well I am about a day behind in my blogging. I have been working hard on a new book, which is the sequel to a book I wrote two years ago. I have been chugging out about a chapter a day…that’s a lot of writing. So far I am really pleased with how the story is coming along, while I did have 60% of the story finished in my head, there were some bits and pieces I still needed to work out.

While I have been working away on that, the first book has gone to the publisher and hopefully within the next week or so I can approve it and say…PRINT IT! I am sending copies of the book to some friends, but for the most part it will be available for sale online.

On top of that add on allergies and allergy medication that wipes me out and you have the perfect recipe for exhaustion. So, I am going to be taking a break from the book tonight and sleeping. LOL!

More later.


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