Meet Calevan, my Blood Elf Mage in World of Warcraft. Calevan marks my seventh character that I have created in a game that, for the past two years, has kept me glued to my computer at night. Calevan, however, was not always a Blood Elf Mage. He started life out on a role-playing server 2 years ago as a Night Elf Druid. But my time there was short-lived, only because my attention span started to grow shorter and shorter, and I found myself unable to role-play. I got bored. So I left. Now he is reborn into a new form, which has prompted the creation of a book.

I started writing this book, a sequel to a story I wrote two years ago this summer. The new book, entitled “Dark Resurrection” will be finished sometime this summer. But the first book is about to be published. It’s called “Calevan and Thoninas.” I will be sure to post where you can buy it when it is done.

The story for the sequel book is really exciting and I have been typing away at very high speeds over the past week. I can’t wait for everyone to read it.


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