There is someone special out there, in the great northwest, who I care for very much. I haven’t felt this way about someone in a while and I just wanted to throw it all out here on my blog because it matters so much to me. You know who you are and you know how I feel about you. There are moments during the day when I am hard at work, busy troubleshooting some computer problem and I stop and think about you. I wonder how your day is going, if you had a good sleep and if I will have a chance to talk to you later on.

When I think about you, a lump forms in my throat, my stomach tightens up and I just feel like I need to be with you, as if part of me were missing.

I am sure you will ask why I am doing this, dumping all my feelings for you out for the world to see. It’s because of my pride in you, I want everyone to know how incredible a person you really are. I mourn for those who don’t know you because they are really missing out on the most incredible person I have ever known. Your laugh, your sensitive side, the side that slaps me silly when I misbehave. All these and much more are what make up the recipe that has me captured and held.

And where else could I find another person like you who also is allergic to celery? I mean, that’s got to be some kind of sign.

Well enough is enough, I just wanted to spill my guts so you and everyone would know that you are so special to me. While I do treasure you, I have made mistakes, including one which hurt you. It was a stupid mistake, one that should never have happened, and for that all I can do is say I am sorry and make sure I do everything I can to make it up to you. I am touched and moved that you spent those months looking to find me again, it tells me that somewhere in your heart there is a place reserved for me. My heart is dedicated exclusively to you. Without you I would wither away and die.

You already know all this, now everyone else does too. But before I end this entry I wanted to say those words which I feel are so important, that convey all of this blog entry into a simple, refined, statement of devotion…

I love you Rachelle.


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