So last Friday night I discovered I had developed a rash on my shoulders and upper back. I was like, WTF!?? I thought it might have been poison ivy, that is until Saturday morning when I noticed it had spread. So then I asked my Mom, “have I ever had chicken pox?”, she said she couldn’t remember. Thanks Mom! So I went to the doctor on Monday and he said it looked like it was an allergic reaction to something, most likely a piece of clothing. I put 2 and 2 together…and got FOUR! But seriously, I told him I had actually just purchased some new shirts and didn’t bother to wash them before wearing them…yeah yeah, I know, I am retarded.

Soooooo, the doc gives me this steroid shot to start the process of healing. This shot hurt like a mother fucker!!!! I felt the needle go in, didn’t bother me. But then when the nurse pumped in the fluid, wow…talk about burning agonizing pain. My arm STILL hurts.

He also gave me some pills to take, which are also steroids. Since then I have been waking up earlier than usual, I have been feeling like an overcharged battery and last night I stayed up until 2:30 AM playing World of Warcraft, which is rare for me. Then I wake up at friggin 7 am this morning and I am WIRED.

Fortunately I am on the ramp down phase, where I am taking less and less each day. So hopefully by this weekend I will be feeling more like my tired, relaxed, self. In the meantime, I am like…woot, let’s go go go!!

Steroids are fun…too bad they’ll kill you if you stay on them.


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