After yesterday’s post about my memories of the KISS concert I went to with my sister, I decided that today I would talk about the bands I love today. My musical tastes have changed a great deal over the past couple of decades. I dumped metal for classical and after my sister’s accident I started listening to today’s generation of metal, in this case hardcore and metalcore. So here’s four of my absolute favorite bands…not in any particular order, and I am tossing in mp3’s so you can hear a song too.

Killswitch Engage

I started listening to Killswitch Engage before my sister’s accident actually. My best friend, Keith, introduced them to me in 2004. I have been a huge fan ever since and have actually seen this metalcore band in action, at Ramshead Live in Baltimore. One of their songs really has a special meaning for me because it conveys words that I would probably say to an ex-girlfriend of mine, who still occupies a place in my heart. And she knows who she is. Killswitch Engage is from Boston and their lead singer is an incredibly talented vocalist, as you will hear in this song, End of Heartache.

Listen to End of Heartache


Terror is one of my more recent band interests. This band hails from L.A., and plays hardcore music. They have some really powerful lyrics along with some very powerful guitar work. I found Terror on my own about six months ago while browsing through bands on the iTunes Music Store. This song I picked out is one of my favorites and it conveys a lot of my own personality into it. The name of the song is Overcome, and it’s all about overcoming all obstacles. That no matter how much you “break me down, I’ll overcome.”

Listen to Overcome


This is another recent band of interest. This is very very new band out of Erie, Pennsylvania. They released their first album last year and have been out touring. They don’t even have a web site yet, however they are on myspace. Hopefully they will continue to play the awesome music they have produced on their first album, “True at all costs.” The song I chose is called “If only words could kill.” I suppose it’s a message to the mother fucker who put my sister into a coma.

Listen to If Only Words Could Kill

Call to Preserve

Okay, it doesn’t get any newer than this. I just discovered this band last week and already I am crazy about their music. These guys hail from Florida and have some incredibly awesome music. Their drummer is first rate and their riffs are just insane…and I can’t leave out the vocalist, his voice is just awesome. But one of the biggest reasons I have fallen in love with this band is because they are Christians and write lyrics which are positive and uplifting as well as containing faith based undertones. I don’t like listening to bands that talk about eating souls or serving the devil or anything like that. My therapist would kill me if I did. So sit back and listen to this song I have chosen. They released their very first album late last year and this song is one of my favorites, it’s called Now and Forever.

Listen to Now and Forever

I hope you enjoyed listening to some of the music I enjoy listening to, most especially during those long commutes to/from work. I know alot of people don’t like this style of music, but there’s also a ton of people who do.



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