The other day I was driving home after shopping for some stuff and while I sat at a traffic light a memory came to me out of the blue. I remembered the time my sister and I went to see KISS in concert. It was June 2002 and she came down from New York just for this concert. I remembered us driving to Nissan Post Pavilion, talking about the last time I had seen KISS in concert. Now before I go on, let me just tell you that KISS is no longer a band I listen to. I listened to them when I was much younger, just a kid, and the only reason I wanted to see them in concert was to relive some old memories. These days I listen to much harder music (hardcore), but whatever.

I remember Kelly and I meeting up with some of her friends there and we chit chatted for a moment and then moved on. I remembered standing in line with her to buy some beer and we just were talking about how cool it was to be there. Then the concert started and we got to our spots and enjoyed watching the band perform. We laughed about how the band hadn’t really changed much and excitedly told each other, “Oh my God, I love this song!” Then just before the concert ended, Kelly turns to me and yells, “Let’s get out of here as soon as they start playing I wanna rock and roll all nite.” I nodded.

Within minutes that song started and Kelly and I made a bee-line for the parking lot. I remembered turning to her as we were out in the lot, laughing, “I can’t hear anything!” And she laughed back, “I know!” We got into the car and drove home, humming and singing some of the songs we had heard that night.

The light turned green and I suddenly realized my sister isn’t there anymore, and I had to hold back the tears. I haven’t cried for my sister in a long time, I felt I was over that part of the process, but I guess God wanted to remind me that the walls I put up to keep myself focused on today can easily be broken down.

I miss my sister. I really miss her.


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  1. Hey Kevin…

    It’s so weird you’re remembering that KISS concert. I had completely forgotten about that until I read your post. It was me, Billy and Duke you guys met up with there (we took the kids). I had completely forgotten Kel was there…

    Thanks for the memory…


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