There is nothing so comfortable as the winter months when you are an allergy sufferer. October through February are like heaven. I woke up this morning and my eyes were so itchy I felt like pulling my eyes out of their sockets and then taking a scrub brush to the insides. LOL! So from now until early June I will be a sniffling, sneezing, red, swollen, eyed freak. The trees are out there having sex like crazy and I am sure somehow enjoying it, but making me miserable.

But you know what the good thing about Spring is? Driving down M Street in Georgetown on a warm spring day. Woah baby, now that’s what I call sight seeing. The women are dressing light and revealing and walking the streets. No wonder there are so many accidents on M Street during the spring and summer. The guys aren’t looking at the road, they are looking at the hot babe with the scarce clothing.

The only other thing I like about spring are the thunderstorms. Oh yeah, there is nothing like a torrential downpour coupled with the flashes and bangs of a thunderstorm. And there are two reasons for me liking this weather phenomenon. First, I just love seeing the power of nature unleashed, watching the people flee for cover and hearing the huge blasts of thunder. Second, the torrential downpour washes away all that wretched pollen. That’s one way to make those trees stop having sex, well for a little while at least.

Ah yes, spring has sprung. Now I just sit here, take my allergy meds and count the days until October returns…and that cold, dry air makes its way toward making me happy again.


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  1. hey kevin, love the blog!

    the trees haven’t started up here yet (ny). doc put me on allergy shots… i’ll let you know if they are worth it 🙂

    (aka lily’s pet human)

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